Dina Rudick/The Boston Globe Harvard Medical School students delivered a petition to Harvard President Drew Faust's…


Medical students are speaking up and working to eliminate racial bias in medicine. The leaders of medical schools and teaching hospitals should do the same.

By Jocelyn Streid, Margaret Hayden, Rahul Nayak, and Cameron Nutt

Matt Rourke/AP


A safeguard for Medicare beneficiaries has become a way for drug makers to get paid billions of dollars for pricey medications at taxpayer expense, government numbers show.

By Associated Press

Silvia Saponaro and Philip Lee The actor playing Martin Shkreli, in rehearsal (before dyeing his hair black).
Silvia Saponaro and Philip Lee A scene from the new Martin Shkreli musical.
Rebecca Robbins Patrick Swailes Caldwell, the actor playing Martin Shkreli, practiced his smirks.


Shkreli, the pharma executive famous for raising a drug price 5,000 percent was mocked on stage, to the dismay of his friends in the audience.

courtesy of Eitan Kling-Levine Eitan Kling-Levine


After being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, he tried different treatments for six months before his insurer covered the drug his doctor wanted all along. By then, the damage was done.

By Eitan Kling-Levine

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