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After years of controversy, a pill to help women with low libido will finally become available in a few weeks. But there’s a catch: The prescription drug, Addyi, shouldn’t be taken with alcohol. And because the pill must be taken each day on an ongoing basis, this means no more drinking for those who take it — ever.

There’s a sobering reason for this. But whether anyone will follow the instructions is another matter.


If nothing else, the uncertainty will probably extend the ruckus surrounding the medicine, which already inspired a contentious lobbying campaign that accused the FDA of being biased against treatments to help women overcome a loss of sexual desire.

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  • Pretty pathetic article and edit.
    “Addyi cannot be taken with alcohol because” not the same as “should not.”
    Plenty of other half-facts and vague suppositions, too.
    Think about it: she goes to a bar and has a few drinks then brings the guy home and takes her Addyi and he gets to call 911.

    Nothing new here, nothing to see, move along.
    Oh, but if she drank and then wanted sex so she took the pill, she had desire and libido and so why did she need to take the pill?

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