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Khloe Kardashian rolls languorously in a tangle of white sheets and asks, “Do you feel sexy? Do you have the body you’ve always dreamed of?” The shot switches to her sister Kim, shimmying out of a pool and commanding viewers to “Create the body you deserve.”

Superimposed in front of the pool? A box of QuickTrim diet pills. “QuickTrim. Live the dream,” the narrator intones.

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  • Regulated Rx drugs send millions to the morgue each year. Interesting how the FDA doesn’t seem so quick to respond to those issues. When civil lawsuits force manufacturers to admit fraudulent marketing, the FDA gets some quick cash, and it’s business as usual. Hillybilly crack is regulated, and is still on the market despite admitting to deceptive and fraudulent marketing practices. Oxycontin continues to wreck havoc on entire families, even when taken as prescribed. That is one of many reasons why people are so willing to turn to “unregulated” supplements. Legal drug trafficking doesn’t make it healthier.

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