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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is featuring her proposal to rein in rising prescription drug prices in a new ad — with a populist twist that turns health insurance companies into the bad guys.

In the ad, released Saturday and being aired in New Hampshire and Iowa, Clinton highlights her history of work on health care issues and promises that one of her next fights will be about about “taking on insurance companies to bring down drug prices.”

Along with other presidential candidates, Clinton has largely trained her sights on drug makers when arguing that more needs to be down to lower prices for consumers.


But Clinton and other Democrats, including President Obama, also have a long track record of pinning the problems of the health care system on insurance companies.

And even though Clinton’s drug costs proposal does have provisions that are aimed at the pharmaceutical companies — including allowing Medicare to negotiate lower prices with them — she also calls for a $250 per month cap on out-of-pocket drug expenses, a protection that would have to be offered by the health insurance companies.


Clinton’s new ad is only the latest to address her focus on drug prices. An earlier spot targeted drug companies more directly by featuring Turing Pharmaceuticals, the firm that recently raised the price of an anti-parasitic drug used by people with AIDS from $13.50 to $750 a pill.