It would require a grueling series of operations, but transgender women now see hope that they could one day become pregnant — despite having been born biological males — thanks to pioneering uterus transplant surgery.

“I hope it becomes a reality,” said Chastity Bowick, 30, a medical case manager in Worcester, Mass. “I absolutely would be willing to do it.”

Bowick began her gender transition at 19, but she knew she wanted to be a mom long before that. “Ever since I was old enough to understand the concept of parenting, I wanted to be a mother,” she said. “I didn’t know how that would ever happen, but that’s what I wanted.”


Surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic on Monday introduced the recipient of the nation’s first uterus transplant, performed late last month. The 26-year-old patient, identified only as Lindsey, said she has adopted three boys through foster care but has always dreamed of the opportunity to carry a child. The Cleveland Clinic team plans to do at least nine more transplants as part of a clinical trial.

It is theoretically possible to transplant a uterus into someone who was born male. But the body would need a lot of preparation.

Gender reassignment surgery would be much more involved, for one thing. As with traditional male-to-female surgery, doctors would have to create a vaginal canal. But they would also need to make space for the uterus. That would require widening the pelvic inlet, which is substantially narrower in men.

After all that, the patient would need about a year to heal before undergoing the womb transplant — which in itself is quite an ordeal. The first one performed in the United States took nine hours.

If the transgender woman had stored sperm before transitioning, she could use it to fertilize a donor egg for implantation, so her baby would be genetically related to her. Careful administration of hormones would help the patient sustain her pregnancy, which would require close monitoring.

Any patient with a uterus transplant would also have to take powerful drugs to prevent her body from rejecting the donor organ. (For that reason, the transplants are designed to be temporary; surgeons plan to remove the donated womb after the recipient has carried a pregnancy or two to term.)

The many steps would make an already tough process even more difficult and expensive for transgender women

Bowick is undeterred.

“Being a trans woman is already complicated,” she said.

“And pregnancy would be a beautiful thing — even the morning sickness. I mean, I’m kind of getting that now anyway, from the hormones. And I’m moody,” she laughed. “After all I’ve gone through, I’m up for any challenge.”

That commitment doesn’t surprise psychologist Deborah Simmons, who works with couples on surrogacy and fertility issues from her practice in Minnetonka, Minn.

“If you’re a trans woman, this is a way of completing the dream,” she said. “Looking like a woman, feeling like a woman, and being able to bear a child like a woman. The whole notion of being like anyone else who wants to carry a baby — the opportunity for that is blowing people’s minds, in a good way.”

Bowick said she doesn’t expect bearing a child will make her feel like a more complete woman. “There are biological women who cannot bear children and they’re not lesser women because of it,” she said. She’d already been planning to adopt children and still plans to do so, even if she’s able to bear her own children as well.

Angelica Ross, the chief executive of TransTech Social Enterprises in Chicago, said transgender women may have trouble taking advantage of uterine transplants because many have faced discrimination in the past and, thus, lack the financial resources to pay for multiple surgeries.

“Because of getting fired from job after job, most trans people, especially trans people of color, are barely able to take care of themselves, much less a child,” she said.

Still, Ross said “it’s just an exciting idea” that it’s even theoretically possible now to become pregnant after transitioning to female.

“I love living in an America,” she said, “where someone like me would have a chance to have children.”

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  • Where do these men expect to find healthy young female wombs? Is that where their battle cry “Die Cis Scum” originates, do they want us dead so they can cannibalise our wombs? They want to steal our body parts as well as our language, our sports, our private facilities, our rights to free speech, our women only spaces, our jobs if we refuse to agree they were born female, our women’s organisations even our feminist politics. I for one have had enough of this utter unscientific, misogynistic hate speech, this constant assault on the rights of women, the rape culture of breaking “the cotton ceiling” Just Stop It Now! People don’t get pregnant, women do.

  • Ignoring all the religious people here. Serious questions for this.
    1) The uterine transplants that have been tested on women who have fertility issues have not been so great. The pregnancies have been preterm and the women have developed preeclampsia.
    2) How does the antirejection drugs effect the baby long term?
    3) Will the synthetic hormones that are given to transgendered women be enough to actually conceive and carry a baby to term. HCG will also have to be administered and monitored. Estrogen and HCG are female hormones necessary for pregnancy.
    4) If these synthetic hormones are given, how will it effect the growth and development of the baby long term?

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  • I’m sure it’s in the baby’s best interests to be marinated in the chemotherapy drugs to prevent the male body from rejecting a foreign uterus, and get a questionable blood supply from the transplanted uterus, not to mention synthetic female hormones, hope we get that cocktail right, but nobody can stand in front of “science” LOL What a truly wicked thing to do to a baby.

    • 1) Is this an issue for you right now or just when trans girls start doing it
      2) I think there are people more qualified than you to make that determination–assessment of risks to offspring, etc. Not sure wher youre getting the data that would demonstrate the prevalence of such risks

  • No, no, no, NO! This is abhorant!!! The transplantation process counts on a female body, not some chemically induced wish. It was devised for WOMEN who have had issues medically. There is more to a woman’s physiological/chemical makeup than just taking hormones. As far as being “born this way,” what about pedophiles, are they not “born this way?” Gosh I hate fake women. Go down the cancer rabbit hole that is a womans body. What about Periods? Not friggin fun! Ovulating is so much serendipity. Migraines because of your periods will really make you laugh. You’ll get a real kick out of water weight gain & mood swings. And lets not forget the big kahuna – menopause. The fact is you are a man & will be until the day you die no matter how many surgeries you have had.

    • And another thing, why the hell is it so damn offensive to you that some people born male feel so extraordinarily female that they are willing to undergo expensive hormone therapy and even more expensive surgery? Or, GASP! dare to dream of being reproductively female, too? Why and how does this harm you, your family, or your life? In what way is this damaging? How does it invalidate your femininity?

      If your feelings are religiously baised, I’m sorry that you are part of such a bigoted and prejudiced Pharissee group. You should look into a better way, like the flavour of Christianity that places the works and teachings of Christ above anyone and everyone else in the Bible. Oh wait… that’s too liberal. Jesus is just spiritual fire insurance… i forgot. Paul’s teachings are more conservative and thus keep you in with the ‘in’ crowd. You’re afraid to walk Christ’s path, knowing it invovles rejection by your own people and offense taken by your compassion. Perhaps it’s better to be a Pharisee because of the sociopoltical conservatism associated with it…. I dunno. i’m not a shrink.

    • It’s called transgender, its not biological womanhood. You sound incredibly selfish in your comment, it is the creation of a new generation and a new norm in human evolution. It’s an expansion of the mind and of possibility. No innovation has come from linear thinking and it’s completely reasonable for a simple minded person to see this idea as “abhorrent”. Just watch it happen as it’s very much possible, the body is a manipulatable vessel and has proven so in many incredible instances. Humans have proven that life is not in the physicality of the body but in the mind, there’s reason we aren’t still reptilian creatures or roaming fields for food. We were all born from woman and once were wholly a single being. It’s completely fine if you want to believe transgender women to be men until the day they day, I personally don’t care and will continue being me, but I see a positive future in this, even to the point where egg cells can be manifested from a transgender person. Closing your mind to opportunity is setting back time, i want to see the future for it looks bright.

    • A waste of time which could be spent far better on fertility treatments for real women, rather than people with mental illness who want to be the opposite gender.

      Yes Lily/Nicho, I’m referring to you in that statement.

    • We as trans women already go through thoes systoms sorry do your research the only thing we dont do is bleed but we have all of the systoms we take estrogen stop trying to rain on our parade hunnie live and let live

    • Why do you have so much anger? We are NOT “fake women” we are NOT men. I would give ANYTHING to carry my own children. The fact that I can’t is the greatest sadness in my life. I don’t know where you got your misguided view of the world but maybe you should take a step back and look around because we are all the same deep down.

    • Facts!!! It is your prerogative if you want to look like a woman on the outside, but there is more to being a woman than just an exterior. MEN are NOT physically made to carry a child. No matter how many hormones you take.

  • I am looking to have surg. TO BE a woman 24/7 and I hope I can have a baby to and to be the baby mom 24/7 I well take of them as a mom sure.

    • Lol, no. It isn’t. This will never be a successful experiment. Transwomen take too many drugs for this to be medically safe on a baby in a foreign body.

  • So to those who are not transgendered or cisgendered I’m sorry if we annoy you but we live life how we choose and you do the same right so be less quick to judge and realize that regardless of who we are black or white ,man or woman ,cat ,dog ,bird , or fish we are all on the same planet Earth we all live here we are all equally important no one is more important we all have meaning and that is that. am I preaching to the haters yet? I think so .
    Quote of wisdom
    United we Stand Devided we Fall
    Makes sense right if we cant see equality we devide the human race and spread hatred war and conflict right?? So stop the nonsense and lets become more open minded and understanding that everyone and everything is equal

    • I don’t think your dreams is annoying, but I personally fear the consequences of such a dream as it is still in its infancy. Such as one, this option would only be available to the wealthy and second, what medical conditions could arise from a woman who is biologically male being pumped full of pregnancy hormones. I know that is obviously something for the individual to consider, but I also can’t help but think of the child in question. For one, this surgery and treatment sounds dangerous and trans people are already at an elivated risk of cancers, which could leave the child orphaned or caring for an ailing parent. I also have questions on whether the child could have an elivated risk of health and developmental issues and if so, I would question the ethics of imposing that on the child. I’m not saying this out of hate, I’m simply just concerned for the overall health of everyone involved.

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