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It was, perhaps, one of the stranger typos in recent memory: A California biotech company submitted a regulatory filing this week saying, erroneously, that it is the target of a federal investigation into painkiller prescriptions.

Galena Biopharma issued a press release Friday acknowledging the typo and saying it plans to correct it.

The San Ramon, Calif., company until recently marketed a painkiller sold as Abstral that’s prompted federal scrutiny. Two Alabama doctors have been arrested in a probe led by the local US Attorney’s Office for allegedly operating a “pill mill” and accepting kickbacks in exchange for writing prescriptions.


“We are a target or subject of that investigation,” the company’s filing reads.

Galena typo

Unfortunately omitted: the word “not.” (The company has, however, been subpoenaed for documents in that investigation.)


Galena spokesman Jason Rando wouldn’t comment on what went wrong in the company’s proofreading process.

Moral of the story: Always good to proofread carefully.