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The anti-vaccine documentary “Vaxxed” will premiere Friday in New York, giving critics a first look at a film that sparked a ferocious backlash in the scientific community.

The film is directed by a discredited British researcher, Andrew Wakefield, known for promoting the debunked notion that vaccines are linked to autism. It had been set to premiere April 24 at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival.


But amid a storm of outrage, actor and festival cofounder Robert De Niro, yanked it from the schedule. Now, a small California distributor that had originally planned to distribute the film after the Tribeca premiere has hastily arranged Friday’s debut screenings.

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  • I watched this show last night and was appalled and very alarmed. From parents I have spoken to about the onset of Autism or being on the spectrum, almost all stories are the same. After the vaccinations the symptoms began, not in a month, not in a week but within days. What happened to listening to parents. It’s all about money and Big Pharma at the cost of our children’s health. You have big brother telling the public it is safe and you have your gut telling you it is not. Trust your instincts.

  • Your article is total nonsense. There is zero scientific data supporting pro-Vaxxed. Wakefield has been completely exonerated. The UK journalist, Brian Deer, is a total ignoramus and fraud. Merke scientists won’t allow their own children to be vaxxed. Read Dr. Suzanne Humphries book, Dissolved Illusions. She used to be a vaccine mainstream until she became alarmed at the results and became the most respected vaccine researcher in the world. The U.S. in 1989 following CDC Vaxxed schedule guidelines doubled the nbr of vaccines given to babies and children, becoming the largest Vaxxed of all developed countries. 7,300 babies a year are being murdered by toxic vaccine cocktails giving the U.S. the highest infant mortality rate of all developed countries.

  • Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. The Vaccine INJURY compensation fund pays out settlements because they cause harm. This is the only medicine that enjoys legal immunity to lawsuits in a regular court. What a shame that STAT chooses to publish propaganda that lines pockets instead of fully informing their readers.
    Thank goodness the incoming president appointed Tom Price for Sec of Health and Human Services. The nightmare of poisoning for profit is going to be ‘checked’ by real science and not deep pockets who need lab rats to practice on.

    • RIGHT ON!! It amazes me how may “studied” are done trying to prove safety of vaccines and people are outraged when someone speaks against them. Why aren’t we outraged that 1 in every 30 boys is now autistic?!? Where is the outrage? No one is asking the questions why?

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