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US customs officials are refusing to release records related to two Chinese companies linked to an explosion of fentanyl overdoses unless the companies give their permission — a stance called astonishing by an expert on public records.

STAT requested US government records related to the companies through a Freedom of Information Act request earlier this month. The information sought included any records documenting violations of US law by the companies; sanctions or restrictions placed on the companies; reports detailing products exported to the United States by the companies; and any investigative reports.


In response, the US Customs and Border Protection agency instructed STAT to resubmit its request with statements from the companies “authorizing that their information may be accessed, analyzed, and released to a third party.”

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  • It looks like no one is seeing a pattern here. They are still Gas Lighting the public. Years ago the AMA decided that educating Physicians on these drugs was unprofitable. If there is money to be made somewhere, the information is not for public consumption. The mass media, pharma and the medical industry created several false narratives, that were extremely profitable. This is just one more example of the misinformation war going on.
    Releasing the names of the companies could look bad for American Corporations that have cashed in too. The mass media has been peddling a lie for 2 decades!

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