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Her tour might be called Unstoppable, but Janet Jackson has decided to put it on hold. That’s because the pop star is pregnant just weeks before her 50th birthday, according to the celebrity news site Entertainment Tonight.

That will make hers a rare quinquagenarian pregnancy. But she’s one of a growing number of older new mothers in the United States — a trend that’s bolstered by changing societal norms and new advances in fertility treatments.

Here are three things to know about pregnancy post-50.


1. Pregnancies after 50 are rare, but they do happen

The number of births to women of this age has jumped significantly: 743 women aged 50-54 gave birth in 2014, up from 255 in that age group a dozen years earlier, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But it’s still exceptionally rare: only 1 in 10,000 births in the US are to women Jackson’s age.

There’s an overall trend toward older motherhood in the US. A growing share of these are first-time births, reflecting the fact that women, like Jackson, are waiting longer to start families.


Among celebs, Jackson is probably the most noteworthy post-50 mom, though many stars — including Geena Davis, Sophie B. Hawkins, and Halle Berry — have had children in their late 40s. But Indian villager Rajo Devi wins the prize: She was 70 when she had her first child. As Jackson herself has put it, “Dammmn, baby.”

2. It’s probably a donated egg

“It’s exceptionally rare for patients to get pregnant naturally at 50 or over 45. They make history,” said Dr. David Keefe, an obstetrician-gynecologist and fertility researcher at New York University.

In part that’s because around age 50, many women are entering menopause, after which egg harvesting isn’t possible.

And as eggs age they also accumulate more genetic glitches. The mechanism is not completely understood, but it may be because eggs have shorter telomeres, the protective caps on the ends of our chromosomes.

Once the egg’s DNA has accumulated damage it can’t repair, then its division as an embryo goes haywire, with chromosomes sticking together when they should come apart. “The resulting embryo may end up with too many or too few chromosomes,” said Dr. Kutluk Oktay, a fertility doctor and researcher at the New York Medical College. “The majority of those end up in miscarriages.”

So older would-be mothers often use eggs donated by younger, more fertile women. For younger women seeking pregnancy, donor eggs might only be discussed after they’ve tried other kinds of fertility treatments, but for those over 45, “that’s kind of where they start,” said Alicia Abdella, an infertility social worker at Massachusetts General Hospital.

3. It’s the age of the egg rather than the age of the womb

According to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, “the single most important factor in predicting the success of [in vitro fertilization embryo transfer] is the age of the female partner.”

The organization has said that the likelihood of pregnancy using young donor eggs in an older mother are comparable to those of young women using their own eggs.

Still, advancing age may make gestational surrogates an attractive alternative, since older women do face increased health risks with pregnancy, including gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, and premature birth. Cost can be one of the biggest barriers to gestational surrogacy, but for people for whom money is no object, it is an option.

    • Folic acid is the #1 thing to take before even starting hormones, to ensure you don’t have a child with spinal defects.

      Then you might need to work with a doctor to supplement your natural hormones to ensure that any pregnancy is not miscarried just due to hormones.

      Your BF should have his sperm tested for sperm count and forward motility. If his sperm aren’t able to do the job themselves, you might need to egg donate for yourself, so that one of his sperm can be injected directly into your egg. Men as young as 45 can have issues with forward motility and the ability to inseminate an egg without assistance.

      Contact your OBGYN to find out what vitamins, etc to try for the first month or so, while scheduling to have hormone testing done to both of you, to assess where you are.

      Good luck!

    • That’s wonderful, congratulations to you both! I am 43 and my husband is 40 and although we have 4 daughters, I want to have another baby, i would love a boy, but i just want to have another child! My husband is against it but the feeling that I’ll never have a baby again, is very scary and I’m getting depressed. I’ve read that it’s only 5% of women over late 30’s early 40’s to conceive naturally. I feel as though I’ll have a mental breakdown if I don’t have one more baby… like I can never give birth again, never enjoy having a baby again. I plan on continuing to try. Thanks for sharing your story! I hope we can be as lucky as you both are. Wishing the best.

  • My partner gave birth on her 47th birthday using her own eggs to a beautiful baby girl after three cycles of egg retrieval , she had been told that her chances were nearly 0 but as I said to her you only need one viable egg. Everyone has the right to try for a baby with Their own eggs. If this is how you feel i would recommend batching of eggs and chromosome testing for viability. This will prevent unnecessary miscarriages. I would also advise a combination of eating organic foods, reki and acupuncture and using strong visualisation techniques. We are living proof that anything is possible. Best wishes Jim

    • Thank you so much for that comment anything is possible through the good grace of God my sister’s and I haven’t had kids it’s three of us I am 45 and want kids the sister under me miscarriage like multiple times and we are still praying for a miracle anything is possible

  • The album/tour is titled “Unbreakable”…How am I supposed to believe anything written in this article if you cannot even fact check the title of the album in the very first sentence of the post?
    Good for Janet Jackson finally getting her own family. Despite all the blacklisting in the US since the Super Bowl incident, she’s given a lot to her fans, and it’s great to see her create her little bubble of happiness. This pregnancy really just shows how far medicine has evolved. Wouldn’t have been any less significant to adopt, but good for her for experiencing the pregnancy herself.
    Good luck to any woman out there trying to get pregnant, regardless of your age!

    • I’m similar, but see a lot of advantages to being single with no kids. If you are close to anyone raising kids, sometimes there’s a lot to be thankful for. However, I know what you mean…sometimes it just seems like a huge experience to miss needlessly. I’m about ready to retire and chill, so even though I wished I’d had kids…i wished i’d had them in my 20’s or 30’s. Since i don’t have Janet’s money to afford all the comforts, I’m not hardly having no babies at 49. But you might want to contact this dude, [email protected]. The ladies below say he casts spells that work. Forreal

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    • What make a woman a mother is her ability to love and nuture without reservation, especially, a child that is not their blood. I am admire her for wanting to give continuity to her family. I payer that she has a safe delivery and have long life to raise this kid.

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