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WASHINGTON — A majority of Americans opposes federal regulatory changes to speed up the development and approval of new medical treatments, a new STAT-Harvard poll finds — suggesting the public has serious doubts about legislation now moving through Congress.

The poll also shows strong public support for removing prescription drug advertisements from television. The spots directed at consumers have been criticized by the nation’s leading doctors group for promoting the overuse of expensive drugs.


The poll, by STAT and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, comes as lawmakers from both parties are pushing to change government regulatory standards that they blame for slowing the approval process to get new products to patients.

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  • No doubt the majorly of this fear comes from the propaganda being shoved down people’s throats by the govt and media. Here are some facts:
    It amazes me how much false info is just being passed along and passed along…. Without the media doing their due diligence.

    First of all, the majority of people will simply believe what the govt says is true. Think about it, what our govt sites best is scare people in order to justify their stance on a given matter. With regard to what they’re calling a crisis did not become a crisis until it spilled out of the inner cities and into the suburbs. Unfortunately, it’s only suburbanites who usually get treatment. For every person from the burbs who’s offered treatment, five to ten inner city dwellers will be incarcerated for the same thing. And who started the influx of drugs into the inner cities? The US Govt, specifically, the CIA when they traded guns for drugs. That’s not news but too many people are unaware and just assume they’re told the truth. Well, just think back to “reefer madness ” in the Nixon era. The advisors he entrusted to study marijuana came back with a report stating there were no harmful effects from the use of marijuana. Nixon promptly buried the report, which is now available, hired his infamous drug czar, and formed the DEA.

    NEXT, it is NOT prescription drugs that are at the heart of the problem. A big part of the problem is the govt knows the way they disseminated info will be misconstrued by the average Joe but it should not them be passed along as fact by the media.

    Unfortunately, our govt does not differentiate between illicit opioids and prescription opioids when stating cause of death on a death certificate. Anyone who uses illicit fentanyl, from China or Mexico, and dies, is listed as opioid overdose. Also, in research done by the pain foundation and Dr Michael Schatman, after studying nation wide overdose deaths by means of info posted by coroners, it was found that of 19,000 overdose deaths, only approx. 10% or 1,900 were due only to prescribed opioid(s).

    The rest 90 percent were due to street drugs and the avg number of substances they had in their system at the time of death was 6. Those Include heroin (also reported as opioid death), illicit fentanyl from China or Mexico, alcohol, meth, muscle relaxers, etc…

    And lastly, greater than 50% of all addicts start by stealing someone else’s prescription medication.

    Addiction medicine is A HUGE money maker, pain medicine is not. The only ones caught in the crossfire are chronic pain patients and the terminally ill who either can’t get the medicine they need or are refused at pharmacies. It’s hard to understand the logic behind fearing a terminally ill person is going to get addicted.

    It’s all about the money… Follow the money.

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