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The dizziness didn’t much worry Neil Fachon. Neither did the double vision. He was recovering from concussions he had sustained while playing sports, and the symptoms weren’t enough to keep him from his engineering classes at Northeastern University in Boston.

Then came some inexplicable struggles with handwriting and swallowing.


Doctors scheduled an MRI. On March 4, his life came unhinged.

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  • Now let’s hear how the FDA, the AMA, and the National Cancer Society are being court-marshalled for all those victims who failed to respond positively to their “advanced” and “proven” treatments – let alone those whom were literally killed by the conventional “safe” and “approved” chemotherapy! Dr. Burzowski himself tells of the stressed schedule he’s had getting up at 5:00 AM and starting his practice before being sent to court from 8:00 – 5:00 PM. – fending off some 75 (!) cases against him – which were eventually all dismissed!

  • I feel thw FDA ahould stay out of our personal business when it comes to making medical decisions concerning our own bodies. Who are they to tell us what we can and can’t do? If we’re aware of the risk it should be our decision, not theirs. After all it is a clinical trial and it’s our life and money at stake. The FDA is going on about this the wrong way, cancer is never going away but the more people that are actually possibly healed by this treatment encourages lots more people to consider/participate and pay for this treatment. Is the FDA so indebited to big pharma that they can’t or won’t even consider the value or importance of peoples lives? There’s still money to be made here if that’s what there main interst is about, I’m pretty sure it’s not all about the patients safety and well being! Part of the medical othe is “to do no harm”, but that’s what the FDA and Dr’s are doing, they are putting us in harms way by restricting us of our choice of medical care and alternatives. There’s clinical trials that they approve of for all kinds of things, like ecigs, which could actually lead to cancer and they want to prevent a treatment that could possibly irradicate the disease, that’s so HYPOCRITICAL!!! I would risk my life by going out of this country for treatment for cancer just for the possibility of being cured. When are LIVES REALLY going to MATTER?

    • Hi, Pamela:
      The cruel reality is that almost no one (of health care system) is interested in seeing any kind of cheap and effective solutions. 3 trillion dollars (and up) annually must be spent to cover health care of chronic diseases. If you come up with a solution to cut that spending in just 5% then there will be more trouble than benefits coming to you. But if you (big pharma?) afford to pay clinical trials and get FDA approval, then you may charge a high price, without disturbing the whole health care system. See
      Well it doesn´t matter much if it actually can or cannot help ALS patients, since the disease modifying effect is so low it is almost impossible to verify.

      The above mentioned drug is used to slow the progression of ALS disease.
      You can achieve more than that with hydrogen which has the problem of too cheap to get and not protected by patent. By applying hydrogen you can stop and reverse the symptom meaning that ALS patients may recover their ability to work and get their lives prolonged.
      The same happens to COPD, lupus, Parkinson´s disease, cancer and many more. Most chronic diseases can be prevented/treated/cured. Patients are not well informed because their doctors are not well informed even though many studies have been published. Take COPD as an example. Researchers know about the benefits of hydrogen for treatment of COPD. But who cares? It is more profitable selling devices and drugs constantly until the patients die. If they cure a COPD patient in two weeks they would put their business in danger. (We cure the majority of late stage COPD patients in less than two weeks, by applying hydrogen gas inhalation).
      So in the end the question is not the right to try (investigational drugs) but to get well informed. NIH ( ) should do a better job to collect, analyse, test/prove and disseminate information about alternative and complementary therapies. But this approach seems too difficult to take. Because the whole system is not in favor of cheap cure which really works.

  • Chemo injecting directly into the the brainstem? Sounds madness to me. Suffering daily because of a FQ antibiotic CIPRO that crosses blood brain barrier. The pains are from HELL when your CNE is on fire. I praid for death many times.

    • All of the other doctors my best friend saw told her to go home and get her affairs in order that they couldn’t help her. A few days afterward, Dr. Burzinsky accepted her as a patient (she weighed 85 pounds and was bleeding from one of her tumors at that point and several her organs were cancerous) because she had only had 1 treatment of chemo prior to her first visit to his offices. She’s now living in Mexico with a home in San Miguel de Allende and a condo in Playa Del Carmen with no signs of cancer. She improved drastically after each treatment and those were almost completely without side effects. On a side note, after 2+ years of her medical ordeal, I myself have symptoms of PTSD because of my fears for her and frustration with what she went through trying to survive her illness. If only she had gone to Dr. B in the beginning. Also, my brother, a firefighter who drove an ambulance for the Houston Fire Department, and on occasion transported some of Dr. B’s patients to the hospital, told me that all of them spoke very highly of Dr. B and raved about how he treated them so well. Most of said hospitals refused to treat his patients and my brother had to drive them around Houston until one would accept them. I immediately called Dr. Burzynski’s office for an appointment when I noticed a physical anomaly that I feared was a sign of cancer. I saw his son, who is physician and works with Dr. B. His son listened to my concern and then assured me that he knew of nothing that would indicate I had cancer. He sent me on my way (at that appointment) with no tests and said to come back if I had any additional concerns of if symptoms appeared. He could have run all kinds of tests but was professional and kind and made me feel at ease and I walked away knowing that he would have treated me if it was necessary.

    • Has no one noticed that the FDA has never published how many people die every year after taking chemo and radiation? How many thousand? There’s probably not a person alive who hasn’t had a family member, friend or someone that they know who has died AFTER chemo and radiation. It’s an epidemic. I have a cousin who died of prostate cancer just a few years ago. He was only TWO YEARS OLD when diagnosed and chemo and radiation did not help him. Why do you think Dr. Burzynski REALLY had his files confiscated? They see that his method HAS saved people and they want to know how so that they can cash in on it-or stop it. NOTHING is more toxic and detrimental to your immune system than chemo and radiation, but the FDA gives those treatments an OK. Like I said, there’s a LOT of money in cancer treatment and there are a LOT of people cashing in on it. They don’t want a cure for cancer.

  • I would simply like to thank Neil for his strong spirit and Dr. Burzynski for his magnificent ability to withstand so much negativity and trouble from the relentless attacks of government.
    Thank you both so much,
    Rob Lowis

  • I just watched the documentary. There are a few things I’d like to point out. First, this article stated the FDA was citing incomplete patient history but confiscated files. Hard to keep a consecutive narrative when your paperwork is “lost”.
    Second, it is my opinion that anyone diagnosed terminal should be given the choice of treatmemts.
    And third, watching the effects of both chemo and radiation aside, 72,000 people in the USA died of overdoses on opioids yet that medication is still widely available, over prescribed, and( from personal experience with many doctors in several states)NOT warned against! The medical community takes an oath to protect human life but shouldn’t each individual do that REGARDLESS OF VOCATION?!

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