The dizziness didn’t much worry Neil Fachon. Neither did the double vision. He was recovering from concussions he had sustained while playing sports, and the symptoms weren’t enough to keep him from his engineering classes at Northeastern University in Boston.

Then came some inexplicable struggles with handwriting and swallowing.

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  • The hypocrisy of the FDA is well recognized. Patients & parents should have the right to choose their own treatments. Meanwhile, the FDA backs vaccines which have never been tested and which contain mercury, aluminum, and Glyphosate to be pumped into infants & children while vaccine manufacturers are the only manufacturers who can not be sued for murder or harm. While Americans have exponentially rising rates of disease & death & are at the BOTTOM of the list of industrialized nations for health, longevity & infant survival, Americans pay double and more what other nations pay. But the good news is that the profits soar in the US. Medical treatment & War are our two big money makers while we are the sickest. So a physician like Dr Burzynsky who tackles a lethal disease like neuroblastomas which is known as
    death sentence diagnosis, gets persecuted. Instead of praising him for the cures he accomplished, they persecute him. The FDA should be disbanded. All it does is rubber stamp products that the manufacturers produce. Talk about rackets. Dow used cancer causing Teflon (developed by the the gov for coating missiles to reduce friction) for 30 years knowing that it caused cancer. A couple was just awarded two billion dollars because they sprayed Roundup and developed non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. Roundup is still being sold in the US, and the ingredient (glyphosate) causing cancer gets mainlined into infants and adults. The FDA protects profits…. not people. This post probably will be taken down. Censorship is alive and well.. ..even if we aren’t.

  • First time I read anything on this doctor. I never commented on him before. My friend just e-mailed about him today.

  • I had adnexal Lymphoma in 2013. I received chemo and radiation. Still doing ok. But I welcome research for cures. This doctor has a very good reputation for treatments. I think this is good.

  • Folks, before you get too far into this article, please note the date it was published. Then scroll down through the comments: Neil died in 2017, less than a year after this article was published. Consider your response with this information in mind, please. No sense putting your hopes in something that does not exist. A lot of people are getting their hopes up without having all the information. Some people with cancer get well. Sadly, many don’t. My brother, after almost 6 years with stage 4b cancer in lung and brain, and against all odds, is considered cancer free. BUT he went through every known treatment, including immunotherapy. He had a great oncologist and terrific support from friends and family. He did use supportive herbal treatments to help with side effects. But no, not this Dr B, and given my brother’s inclination to research EVERYTHING, I’m sure he knew about him.

    I did, having come across some literature about his research. I wish I could believe in Dr. B. But sorry, too many questionable things about his research, too little data, very poor data recording, too much secrecy. In some cases, there is no way to even begin to evaluate if his some of his patients even had cancer, let alone if his treatments (whatever they are) were effective.

    It’s hard when a patient is very young. One wants so much to make it possible for that young person to live, to experience life as an adult. When that doesn’t happen, it is hard to accept. And I wonder if by keeping this article alive without putting an addendum on the article itself, is Stat being unfair to those people who read the article and some of the (clearly planted) testimonials and don’t realize that long before they read the article the young man had died?

    • To the Editor:
      With Eugene “Neil” Fachon’s passing on February 19, 2017, critics of Dr. Burzynski may be anxious to see if they’ve acquired new allies in their endless quest to discredit his work. Are we amongst those whose dashed hopes fester into anti-Burzynski vitriol? The answer is, “No.” Please let us explain:
      When we first learned on March 3 of last year about Neil’s horrible illness, Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) and the experts at Mass General and Dana Farber told us his prognosis: three months to live without any treatment, six months if one of their proffered options were taken. We knew we were up against the worst nightmare of our lives. We always prayed for a miracle cure, but from the start we realized there might be no silver lining. All we knew for sure at the time was there were lots more questions than answers. Amongst them, was adding a few months to Neil’s life the best he could hope for?
      Armed with little more than determination, we began researching every treatment option we could find, from taking standard radiation or performing a biopsy to typematch the tumor to drugs that might have effect, to clinical trials using immunotherapy or trying “convection-enhanced” chemo-therapy which bypasses the blood/brain barrier to deliver chemo directly into the tumor. In addition, there was a clinical trial being conducted by the Burzynski Clinic using “Antineoplaston [ANP]” therapy. ANP therapy was invented and pioneered by Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski in the 1980s, but it is still considered experimental by the FDA.
      Of the methods researched, the immunotherapy trials looked promising but were just in their infancy. Convection-enhanced chemo-delivery seemed logical, but no drug has yet proven particularly effective against DIPG. Each of these trials also required their patients take a course of standard radiation to “stabilize” the tumor prior to being given any experimental treatment. Neil was flatly opposed to radiation. To him, treating one cancer by a means which significantly increased the risk of getting another cancer was anathema. The only treatment with significantly better outcomes than “standard” care – even so these results were “anecdotal” – was the ANP therapy being offered in the Burzynski Clinic trial. And no radiation was required. We located a DIPG survivor who had been treated by Dr. Burzynski, and Neil spoke with her personally. This simple conversation cut through much of the negative commentary that hounds Dr. Burzynski on the Internet.
      When Neil began the clinical trial at the Burzynski Clinic in April of 2016, he was brimming with positive energy and optimism, important “ingredients” when treating any disease. Sadly, his optimism suffered a severe blow when the FDA attempted to halt his trial retroactively. His story made national news when he fought in court for his right to maintain treatment. His lawyer, Kathleen Hagerty, won the battle, but it came with a steep cost to the momentum of Neil’s treatment as well as heaping unimaginable stress on a young man already engaged in the Fight of his life. The role stress plays in cancer is well documented. Nonetheless, Neil soldiered on with good humor, full of Love for Life, Family, Friends and our shared World.
      We kept detailed records throughout Neil’s course of treatment. His MRI’s were also reviewed by an independent radiologist: We were told Neil’s tumor increased in size through May of 2016. Thereafter, it remained relatively “stable,” well past the date when he was predicted to die if he had taken “standard” care. Before Neil was hospitalized in late November for hydrocephalus, his tumor may actually have begun to shrink, but we’ve learned there is a great deal of “art” to reading MRIs, so we cannot say for sure if any shrinkage occurred. What is clear is Neil outlived his prognosis by several months, and for all but two of these months he had a good quality of life. By this measure alone, he had a positive, objective clinical response to ANP therapy. While on treatment, Neil also reported feeling a “waterfall” in the back of his head. Something was happening. When Neil was refused access to ANP treatment during his hospital stays, he would sometimes point to the back of his head and shrug with his eyes, as if to say, “We’re losing time.”
      So rather than holding any grudge against Dr. Burzynski, we find ourselves wondering what might have happened had ANPs been fully embraced and developed by mainstream medicine years ago. By now they would be on their 4th or 5th generation of development. How much more effective might they be we can only imagine. And due to mainstream medicine’s prolonged rebuff of Dr. Burzynski, he has been deprived of a network of actively involved colleagues who can administer ANPs and oversee patient care. For us, in the last months of Neil’s life, this could have made a big difference. No, we do not fault the doctors who stepped up to help us, but where ANPs are concerned, our lay-expertise exceeded theirs – not optimum. Sadly, mainstream doctors in general held Neil at arms length, happily treating secondary issues, but trying mightily to avoid any appearance of condoning, let alone endorsing Dr. Burzynski or his treatment of Neil’s DIPG. This left us flying by the seat of our pants for much of the time. The Burzynski Clinic was ever on standby to offer recommendations, but not having an actively interested and knowledgeable expert on hand was costly.
      Lastly, speaking directly to Dr. Burzynski’s critics who call him a scam artist and claim he lures people in with false hope and then takes their money, try paying for standard chemo or radiation out of pocket. It’s very expensive. Dr. Burzynski does not have the benefit of being covered by insurance. As for failing to cure all his patients, show us the oncologist who has. Dr. Burzynski offers hope, but no guaranties. He often works with patients who have been given up as lost causes. Our son was basically one of those. No, Neil ultimately did not survive, but he did much better than any mainstream expert said he could. To us and to him, that meant a lot. He lived with real hope (What is hope if not standing steadfast against daunting odds?) and he had a chance to convey heartfelt farewells to his family and friends.
      Trying to be as objective as we can in the wake of our loss, credit should be given where credit is due. Instead of vilifying Dr. Burzynski because he is unorthodox, we wish to thank him and his Clinic from the bottom of our hearts for the extra time Neil had to live. Dr. Burzynski’s hope and optimism dwarf the stature of those who want nothing more than to tear down his work. That he remains indomitably optimistic after so many years of abuse is mute testament to his character. He buoyed us when others preached hospice. In a more perfect world, Neil might still be alive and demonstrably beating his cancer. That is the world we hope Neil’s legacy will help build.

      Dean & Wendy Fachon
      East Greenwich

    • Neshobe I trust Dr Burzynski but I don’t anyone who writes “truth” anonymously. As a psychologist, I know there is an ultimate goal here. I am not affiliated with Dr Burzynski. I do give you that the acknowledgement of the young man’s death should have been listed. But with the disruption of treatment caused by the FDA, who knows if there could have been a different outcome. And what is the death rate in general ?

    • If what you wrote in-fact is true, what are you posting about ? Many cancers are a death sentence. Even a FDA approved drug for one form of cancer needs years more trials for another cancer. Most patients are dead before a Good Doctor would be able to get treatment. My daughter is stage-4 terminal breast-cancer. Her Good Doctor wrote prescriptions for increasing amount of FDA approved drugs. He also wants monthly pet/ct scans. She pays $900.00 monthly towards her employer top choice Cigna healthcare. Cigna declined both request and sees it as unnecessary. Doctors cannot even treat patients, because the lunatics run the entire country. We have seen Dr. B and are waiting for additional information. I have found several patients from years back and talked with them. They fully believe Dr. B. saved their lives. One of the patients tried to sue his insurance company for not paying Dr. B. Your can find the case online in the Ohio court records. His HMO told him, they were out of treatments for his double-melomana and he had around six-months to live. He sold his business and went to Texas with his wife. That was in 2000. I talked with him about a month ago. He is disabled from the radiation poisoning and chemotherapy, but grateful to be alive. I also am looking for more people who have had their lives extended by DR. B. A lot of folks are very personal and just get on with there life. And with the campaign to discredit his work ! good information is taken down.
      And your post makes little sense, because Neil died ? It’s like your saying he would be alive today had he of followed “The Standard of Care”
      Sadly, many of us will hear that term in our life. To simplify the words meaning! If you shop in a Walmart in NYC, LA, TX, or anywhere expect them all to be the SAME. But the filthy rich need not be affected, they have a different plan.

  • You should all know that if anyone finds a cure for cancer, it would financially wreck the medical system in the US and around the world. Cancer treatment is a big business, a cure for cancer is the death of cancer treatment.

  • Government agencies should not be allowed to have any control over American citizen’s thoughts or beliefs. Especially when it comes to our family’s lives. FDA and big pharma are way out of line and may be considered criminal.

  • The only “renegades” in the medical establishment are the people running the medical AGENCIES.

  • I think the FDA should be on trial for what they’ve put Burzynski through all these years. This man is a hero-a national treasure. They should be erecting statues to him-not trying to tear him down. There’s something terribly wrong with the system when, after all the people that have been saved, have to come to his defence. God Bless Dr Burzynski.

  • A renegrade is a person who deserts and betrays . Dr Burzynski is a famous and is brilliant physician who has an excellent record of curing brain blastomas He is not a regrade. He treats without invasive radiation & chemotherapy. I have referred people to him several times. But the FDA does not like him and, similar to other physicians who are using new and successful methods which avoid pharmaceuticals, radiation an/or surgery, the FDA fights them and denegrates them. The methods eschewed by successful functional medicine physicians treats causes, while allopathic physicians treat symptoms. Allopathic is very profitable and the pharmaceutical companies and the FDA, CDC, AMA, etc., don’t want to lose their cash cow….sick USA citizens.

    • Patricia,
      I took my 42-year old daughter to Dr. B. He said he could treat her stage IV breast cancer and 60% chance of a cure. However I asked for documentation, supporting his claims. To date Dr. B not responded. I searched the internet for survivors or breast cancer patients treated by Dr. B and found no usable information. I wish I could find some proof of his work.

    • The people on the boards of FDA, CDC, AMA, NCI, etc. have no integrity. They are corporate thieves of the worst kind. That dying people are forced to sue the FDA to get medical treatment to try to save their own lives shows the evil corruption in these hideously expensive agencies ostensibly there to protect. They attack and destroy innovative, creative, independent, SUCCESSFUL doctors because Medical Agencies are about one thing and one thing only: money and power. Medical error is the 3rd leading cause of death… after heart disease and cancer, and they are trying to imprison a Doctor Burzynski who has invented a very successful cure for cancer? Why? Because this doctor owns the patents of his discoveries and Big Pharma, who owns and operates the lucrative medical/pharmaceutical business in the US, won’t make money, so they want to shut him down. There are many, many people out there who would be dead but for this Dr. Burzynski. Can the doctor/administrators who run those medical agencies make the same claim? Maybe if the doctor/administrators found themselves with a highly malignant, aggressive, inoperable tumor in their brain and two months to live they might have a different take on the situation.

  • renegradea person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.

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