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The dizziness didn’t much worry Neil Fachon. Neither did the double vision. He was recovering from concussions he had sustained while playing sports, and the symptoms weren’t enough to keep him from his engineering classes at Northeastern University in Boston.

Then came some inexplicable struggles with handwriting and swallowing.

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  • My sister died from chemotherapy.
    She was misdiagnosed for years by a nurse practitioner that she was seeing in her small town in Texas.
    By the time I found out about her dilemma she was bed ridden for months and was praying to God to stay alive long enough to see her expecting daughter bring her granddaughter into the world.
    I was talking with a trusted friend of mine about the situation and he recommended a product from APEX-WATER.COM. It was durring the winter months and she had to wait for the product to be shipped from Colorado when it was warm enough because the product can not freeze or it will be rendered useless.
    It took a few weeks to finally get shipped but once she started taking the solution, within three days she was out of bed and feeling pretty good. After three weeks she was able to get out of the house and go back to church where she would love to sing in the choir. After six months, the church was going to take her name off the prayer list because she looked so good, but she told them to keep praying because she wasn’t out of the woods yet.
    I’m sure her doctor’s have good intentions but they are limited in their practice.
    Even though the APeX was working she wouldn’t dismiss her doctors recommendations and she went into a chemo trial that literally killed her within a month.
    Once she was feeling better after starting the APeX, I started to use it on a daily basis in lower dosage to prevent illness for myself. I can testify that the product works for me. I haven’t been sick since I started taking the APeX. The inflammation in my lower back has gone away completely, something that would keep me bedridden for weeks at a time before.
    When people around me are getting sick from the flu, I drink a little more APeX and never get sick. I don’t even see a doctor anymore and it’s been 5 years and counting. The cost is about $500 per year. Way less than the cigarettes I smoke.

  • Looks like he passed away in 2017, could be too little too late, could be the FDA is right, but without a proper clinical trial being done we won’t really know. I watched a video on him and a lot of his patients had their tumors disappear entirely.

  • In order for us to know if medication is to work or if the Dr. Is in the right path Of good let the man proof him self…. The FDA shouldn’t & has no right to tell me who why where & how I would like to die with treatment or not they can suggest … I hope is not with the Elite deep state corrupted FDA but a better chance with this doctor… In god we trust.

  • I am a nurse and could no longer work in oncology as it simply a money maker! When my mom was diagnosed with terminal metastatic cancer in her 50’s she was given 1-2 weeks at most to live. An oncologist friend gave me book “The Essiac Report A Herbal Canadian Remedy for Cancer. I was a amazed. I bought the Flor Essence and after just 3 doses, mom was sitting up in bed eating for the first time in days. She enjoyed 4 more months on no medication until the day before she passed. The cure for cancer I believe was found a long time ago, but the greed for money is much greater than anything else!

  • I’m a Polish immigrant who lost a father
    to cancer and I am appalled that our government thru the FDA has decided to play games with our lives! I would love to help in any way I can.

  • Dr Burzynski has had a difficult time with having his antineoplastin treatment accepted in the medical profession, and by vested interests in the Federal Drug Administration. Surprising he did not leave the US or set up his laboratory in another jurisdiction, as the world also has an issue with many of these cancers. What happens when Dr Burzynski is too old to carry on? It is clear that conventional medicine has no inquiring mind when it comes to investigating the properties of these peptides, and how they may combine to fight cancers which have very low success rates. prostate and Breast cancers may also be “Treated” with these compounds. I hope Dr Burzynski sets up laboratories in alternative jurisdictions to continue research into these cancers. The number of investigations and trails the FDA put the doctor through, and then attempted to patent his discoveries places the FDA and their agenda in an extremely poor light.

    • Dr. Burzynski’s son works in his practice. I’ve had an appointment with him and was very impressed. He was honest and sent me on my way saying he didn’t feel like there was any indication that I had cancer. In other words, he didn’t want to milk me for $$$. My best friend had terminal cancer for 2 years (2015-2017) previous to my appointment and I was terrified (and paronoid) that I’d have to endure what she’d been through until she went to Dr. Burzynski (the senior). She showed huge improvement from the first treatment and every treatment thereafter. She went from hospice care for a year to living large in San Miguel, Mexico. She literally had cancer all over her body and he cured her. Now, my son has just been diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer (chordoma) of the spine at the base of the skull and, unable to sleep, I’m here on line researching to see if Dr Burzynski can help him. I’m praying that he’ll at least have one appointment with their practice before letting anyone cut on him. My BFF never had to have surgery and I’m convinced that’s why she’s recovered completely.

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