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Mick Phillips didn’t think much about it when he started coughing a lot in the fall of 2009. He’d been doing a lot of yard work at his home in Appleton, Wis., and thought he might be reacting to leaf mold. In fact, he had stage 3 lung cancer. Though his doctors didn’t tell him this, his odds of living for five years were vanishingly small.

Chemotherapy and radiation worked for a time. But his doctor warned him each round would be less effective.


So Phillips came up with a new plan: Cuba.

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  • i wish CimaVAx would be present at my place , my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 4 cancer cells spread mostly at her lungs ., chemo done ., shes still fragile

  • Not sure whether my earlier comment went through.
    What help can an individual suffering from prostate cancer do.
    Any chance of getting treatment in Cuba through an Immuno Therapy procedure.
    If possible how do I get a quote for treatment in CUBA.
    Waiting for your advise.
    Thank you.

  • I appreciate this article & the help patients are getting.

    What help can be available for a person who is suffering from prostate cancer. Immune Therapy in Cuba can some benefit from it. If so how do I go around and present a case to source for quotation so as to get treatment.

    Please advise.

    Thank you

    • Roswell Clinic has been approved to investigate this treatment but if I were you I would go to Cuba from Canada where daily flights to the island are readily available. I’ve had Stage 4 Grade 9 PC with bone Mets for five years. Currently using Fimagon and Enzalutimide. You might look into getting help at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto – one of the best Cancer Treatment and Reseach Facilities in the world and they have a dedicated PC Centre. Medical care is much less expensive in Canada and because of the strength of the US dollar it goes a lot further there.

  • This article has already had to be corrected as only a few with certain criteria had any benefit. Giving false hope or hope before evidence basis is cruel punishment for patient and family. There is a long history of abuses of patients and families dating back to radium mines. One would do well to review the story of laetrile with so many jumping on this bandwagon for so long. This critique was put together by Quackwatch at

    • Doc, we’re not talking about laetrile here. The article is about a promising that has the potential to save lives. As you may have missed, CimaVax had been tested clinically for both its safety and efficacy in Cuba, a country known for medical excellence. The drug treatment costs a fraction of the available treatments here in the US. Just like most medical treatments, Cimax may not work for all patients, and the author makes that clear.

    • This reply is for everybody asking help
      Change your President and ask for th new one to normalise th rlations with Cuba. This stupid embargo is far too long now and is ridiculous and deadly

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