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WASHINGTON — Vilifying drug companies has been de riguer among this year’s political candidates.

But for the pharmaceutical industry, today’s critic is tomorrow’s committee chair, or perhaps even president. And in Washington, tradition holds that early generosity, or even one small pre-election check, will be remembered by candidates once they are in office.


And so drug makers and others in the health care industry have responded in force during the 2016 election — contributing heavily to both parties, including to the very politicians who are criticizing them.

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  • How did it ever come to this? Pharmaceutical dollars have no business lining the pockets of politicians. Unfortunately, I don’t think that a majority of Americans even realize to what extent this is going on. Pharma controls our laws and policies right along with oil companies. The two biggest money makers in the entire world. It’s disgusting. Oil doesn’t care about killing the environment or poisoning us with their toxic pollution and pharma has no genuine interest in healing or preventing harm. The almighty dollar is the only God for these corporations no matter what the cost in human life. Reality is not what you think it is. It is a carefully crafted false narrative that is fed to the blind sheep for the highest profits. When I start thinking too much about the way things really are… it makes me want to kill myself. I have no hope for this planet or its people. We deserve extinction for even allowing this to happen.

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