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Drug company CEO Heather Bresch affectionately describes the humble EpiPen as her “baby,” a once-middling product that she turned into a blockbuster.

With aggressive advertising — and even more aggressive price hikes — Bresch has fostered the EpiPen into a bestseller that brings in more than $1 billion a year in revenue for Mylan Pharmaceuticals.

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  • I hope that she gets the very same treatment Martin Shkreli got at his immoral antics at Turing pharmaceuticals. How immoral and greedy, and how will she face her G-d or the parents whose children may have perished due to the inaffordability of this drug.

  • It is right here in front of you in black and white what else needs to be said? Maybe that her papa voted in legislation that made a huge difference for her company and she basically took a giant dooky on the people who are at the mercy of the EpiPen. What great moral business and political men and women this country is putting out. It is appalling how can they sleep at night, maybe all sleeping medications should be raised 900% . It is becoming so common place that this type of activity is shrugged off as soon as the next shooting story comes our way. It would be interesting to see the stats on how many people will die because of lack of access to the EpiPen.

  • Well lets see Daddy Democrat congressmen help get her the job, how much does Manchin have invested in this company. Second the FDA also has some blame here, third most of these CEO”S have no moral compass. The other Democrat congressmen has nothing to worry about since we the taxpayers will pay for his daughter’s pen. Mr cummings needs to update his chicken little comments he is such a useful idiot and third Hillary Clinton received lots of cash from this company how much will she make available to help out the common folk through her Clinton foundation?

  • I feel sorry for Ms. Bresch. Her 16 million dollar salary made off the illness of others says it all. Obviously she is Spiritually void. Her most important investment is herself. She represents the GREED that America has become known for. It is impossible to defend such ego and self importance. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Disgusting !!!!

  • I feel bad for this woman.

    A businesswoman who achieved to make successful product is now the scorn of her peers for doing her job? If you wanted patient and health care before profits, then maybe you should stop supporting a privatized medical industry.

    Instead of going after this woman, go after that Politicians that get in the way of public health care options and tax funded medical research.

    You reap what you sow.

    • The politicians didn’t make her raise the prices of the epi-pen nor did the health care system. The congress doesn’t control drug prices nor does the health care system. I believe it is only the greedy people in charge of the drug companies. I wonder what Ms. Bresch would do if she were a single Mom making $20,000.00 a year and had a severely allergic child needing an epi-pen and couldn’t afford the $600 price ? You buy food or the epi-pen? What kind of logic do you people have? I’m glad I’m not going to be you Ms. Bresch on judgement day.

  • Bresch and Martin Shkreli are the poster brats of greed. these people have not interest in savings live just padding their bank accts. I dont care who she is she should be investigated and brought up on charges.

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