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LOS ANGELES — There’s nobody the drug companies are spending more to fight than Michael Weinstein.

And Weinstein takes pride in their hostility. “That’s a badge of honor,” he said. A longtime HIV/AIDS activist, Weinstein is the driving force behind a drug price control initiative in California that could set a national precedent.


It’s just the latest in a long string of legal and political fights he’s picked.

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  • Michael Weinstein doesn’t need to be defended. He is capable of defending himself if he chooses to. His tireless commitment to those affected by HIV is indisputable, and his efforts to improve prevention methods and access to treatment speak for themselves. Under his leadership, AHF has saved innumerable lives. But Michael Rajner’s comment is absolutely disgusting and reprehensible, and sadly not uncharacteristic of him. Rajner is not a credible commentator, and the media ought to stop using him as a source for commentary on HIV issues. He does not speak for the HIV community. He represents no organization or constituency. His divisiveness, vitriol and flagrant disrespect for anybody that doesn’t agree with him have earned him a tarnished reputation. Rajner is persona non grata in many circles. He is unwelcome in numerous legislative offices, and he is shunned by countless HIV advocates. He has even been rejected by the Broward County HIV Health Services Planning Council. Rajner often displays troubling and hostile decorum and behaves as a man who only cares about himself. Though for some reason, the media continue to portray him as a revered activist. I highly recommend the authors of STAT and other writers really start researching about their sources for commentary and stop forcing us to listen to Rajner’s nonsense.

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