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A Zika vaccine is still years away. Asian strains may be less virulent. And not all mosquitoes are equal opportunity Zika-spreaders.

These are some of the things we learned Friday from STAT reporter Helen Branswell as part of a Twitter chat sponsored by PBS NewsHour. In response to her recent story on what we know about Zika and what we still have to learn, Helen fielded several questions about the virus, some from NewsHour and others from the audience.


For the full chat, which also featured STAT reporters Ike Swetlitz, @ikeswetlitz, talking the EpiPen pricing scandal and Sheila Kaplan, @bysheilakaplan, discussing the recent federal ban on triclosan, search #NewsHourChats on Twitter.

Differences between the Asian and African strain of the virus:

What types of mosquitoes are spreading Zika:


Other users were able to chime in with their questions regarding Zika as well.