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After Hillary Clinton abruptly left a 9/11 memorial service in New York Sunday, her physician disclosed that Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and is currently taking antibiotics.

Clinton’s staff initially said she was feeling “overheated.” A statement released by Clinton’s doctor on Sunday afternoon indicated that, upon examination, the cause of her faintness was dehydration.


Reporters weren’t alerted until after her departure, but video taken by a bystander shows what appears to be Clinton visibly weak and on the verge of fainting as she got into a van.

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  • Why is it that none of the reporting has any information about the weather at the event? Did anyone else at the event feel even the slightest bit warm? Will Clinton’s entourage be carrying cool Gatorade to future events in order to maintain proper hydration? Does the Secret Service have any health requirements for its agents that allow them to stand for hours in the hot sun while wearing dark suits? Do the sharpshooters on the surrounding rooftops wear personal colling vests in order to maintain their focus?

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