AMBRIDGE, Mass. — At first glance, Moderna Therapeutics looks like the most enviable biotech startup in the world. It has smashed fundraising records and teamed up with pharmaceutical giants as it pursues a radical plan to revolutionize medicine by transforming human cells into drug factories.

But the reality is more complicated.

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  • Maybe Moderna should stop free lunches every day for every employee from very nice local restaurants and stop alcohol consumption on the premises – which was not frowned upon, but encouraged! Thank you, investors! Had a great time on you! And sorry we haven’t come up with any pharmaceuticals that could help the public.

  • @Ballard. I am not sure where in the article, you read “they will be releasing clinical data this quarter.” What I see is the mention of releasing animal data which got them into one clinical trial, “Moderna will disclose the animal data that helped get its two vaccines into the clinic.” For your information animal data is not clinical data. Also, Moderna has said that since at a couple of years, they will in future release data. That “future” seems to be an infinity for Moderna.

  • Some employees speak with respect bordering on awe about Moderna’s promise, with one likening the technology to “magic.” — the guy has management potential right there..

    • Read comment below about his Wikipedia issue!!! Based upon that, I can say guy certainly has potential for manipulation, management? I do not know.

  • “And you’d be lying to say it didn’t affect you emotionally,” — I imagine those fired for failing an experiment they didn’t design were not affected emotionally at all..

    • Well, those were fired for failing experiment, would classify under his arrogance and manipulative nature. It is bad and unethical. However, I would concentrate on the quality of work by Moderna. I believe it is not quality, but manipulation of investors taking the excuse of secrecy!

  • “Under Bancel, Moderna has been loath to publish its work in Science or Nature”– because there’s nothing that Moderna does that would pass muster with Nature or Science… Reviewers would laugh at them..

    • As outsiders, we cannot pass judgment on the quality of R&D, unless it is published in a journal. Bancel is not a scientist, but he is on almost every patent of the Moderna. According to USPO, the one(s) who conceived the idea should be inventors, not the one(s) who reduced it to practice. It is very unusual that a Salesperson would conceive scientific ideas on subjects as complicated as mRNA and its drug development??? Something is very fishy here!!!

    • @R — Fishy? That’s an understatement.. As a side note – the USPTO is a joke these days. Many pharma executives have their names on patents that they had nothing or near nothing to do with, other than the innovation came from a more junior employee.

  • GDL, very well said. I said that reference to Yahoo Finance link was laughable. Yahoo Fiance link is, in fact, the Moderna Press release which Yahoo News republished. Quoting that as a reference that the data will be disclosed in 2017? Certainly, pharmaceutical industry professionals will laugh at it.

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