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After a frantic morning of conflicting reports, “The Dr. Oz Show” confirmed that Donald Trump did discuss his personal health with Dr. Mehmet Oz during a taped interview Wednesday.

Oz and Trump, 70, talked about cardiovascular health, respiratory health, and family medical history, among other topics, according to a summary provided by the show on Wednesday afternoon. The interview is scheduled to air Thursday.

According to several reports, Trump showed the controversial television host a one-page summary of his recent physical exam. Last December, Trump had released a one-page letter from his doctor certifying his good health, which included the now-infamous claim that he would be the healthiest person ever elected president.


The confirmation that Oz and Trump did discuss the nominee’s health followed a flurry of reports on Wednesday morning that they would not broach the subject. Trump has repeatedly promised to disclose more about his medical history, especially after Hillary Clinton this week was forced to take two days off the campaign trail to recover from pneumonia.

Oz had touted the interview as a chance to give his own professional assessment of medical records submitted by the Trump campaign. But on Wednesday morning, the Trump campaign seemed to pull back from that idea and instead frame the interview as a chance to talk more generally about health and wellness.


“Not an opportunity to review lab results and get into the weeds on Mr. Trump’s medical history,” Trump aides said, according to an email tweeted by national reporters.

The apparent reversal by the Trump campaign led to extensive news coverage on Wednesday morning. Hours later, “The Dr. Oz Show” confirmed that the interview had actually included discussion of Trump’s personal health.

Earlier this week, according to CNN, Trump said that he recently had a physical.

“This last week, I took a physical, and I’ll be releasing, when the numbers come in, hopefully they are going to be good,” he said. “I think they are going to be good, I feel great, but when the numbers come in, I’ll be releasing very specific numbers.”

This story has been updated.

  • Just seeing a text title that Trump was meeting with Dr. Oz should send the reader to the “Delete” button. Oz has become so silly w/ recommendations and sponsorship of products promising fake results that he is ridiculous.

    I’m not a doctor but could have had the same discussion with Trump, commented and made recommendations.

    Did anybody REALLY believe that supposed doctor who supposedly wrote that letter re Trump’s medical status. Seriously people, MD’s don’t write like that unless they (a) are incompetent for some reason and/or (b) the letter was written by a Trump staffer and handed to the doctor to sign.

    Ask your own doctor is he/she would write and sign such a letter. If they say “yes,” get a new doctor.

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