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WASHINGTON — For those already felled by fumes from the Brazilian Blowout, it might be small consolation, but lawmakers are pushing ahead with a campaign for better oversight of the beauty business.

Despite its booming growth, the cosmetics industry in the US has been virtually unregulated. The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, adopted in 1938, essentially allowed personal care product companies to self-police.


But rising public concern over bad reactions to makeup, hair dyes, and fragrances, as well as evidence of long-term health risks from some of their chemical contents, has led lawmakers to try to toughen the regulatory framework for the $60 billion enhancement industry.

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  • I work in the cosmetics industry and care deeply about the environment and the effects these chemicals have on the consumer and workers alike. I would love to help further future regulation and would like to know what i can do to help. Please contact me if i can help in any way. I live in southern maine and is proud a mainer is looking to change things.

  • A pox on Proctor & Gamble, Unilever and all the corporations that blind, torture and slaughter animals under the rampant and despicable fraud of doing so to allegedly protect consumers. Despicable companies with despicable people doing despicable things.

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