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Liquid biopsies. A “groundbreaking” Defense Department study. Partnerships with Lyft and Uber for patient transportation.

The White House’s cancer moonshot, the future of which Vice President Joe Biden outlined in a new report on Monday, has a lot of moving parts.


The report details nearly 20 projects that are already underway or soon will be in the moonshot’s first year and another two dozen planned for its second year and beyond. Major themes include harnessing big data, sharing research among scientists, and expanding preventive measures like the HPV vaccine and colorectal cancer screening. Some of these efforts will be run by the government; others are being led by the private sector.

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  • We have an active Cancer Center associated with the new medical school at Roseman University School of Medicine in Summerlin, NV. We would be honored to help form a consortium that formed a part of the Cancer Moonshot that was outlined today by Vice President Biden.

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