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For years, insurers dropped sick people from their plans or denied coverage due to preexisting conditions like cancer, keeping them from the care and medicines they needed. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was supposed to make it unlawful for insurers to refuse coverage to such individuals or charge them more for health insurance. But it is still happening.

No longer able to keep patients off their plans outright, insurers have resorted to other ways to discriminate and avoid paying for necessary treatments. Specifically, they have imposed specialty tiers and high copays or coinsurance for prescription drugs that effectively force sick people to delay needed care or to find a different health plan. So much for the end of preexisting conditions.


Covering fewer sick patients translates to bigger profits for Big Insurance, but less health care for those who need it most.

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  • Sounds like both industries are gouging the American People. Some of these drugs are very inexpensive to produce and the ones making the profit sometimes didn’t even pay to develop it; rather it was hijacked by someone with the profit motive in mind. Shame on them. If you’re a capitalist I say to you: There are just SOME things that should be not for profit. Prisons; schools; health care are three of them. If you want to make millions of dollars please get out of our health care system.

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