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It’s hard to escape the din of the nation’s prognostication industry coming to terms with its wrongness today, with so many teeth to gnash and garments to rend.

But here in the world of science and medicine, the election of Donald Trump has left many trying to make sense of the vagaries, reversals, and red herrings that have marked his rhetoric on key issues from research funding to drug pricing.


Here are five questions we have about what the Trump administration will mean for science.

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  • As an RN I can say that being out of life saving meds and a 100% increase in those working to cover non citizens , is crazy. No other country does this. I am also appalled at the insurance companies for their commercials to use a drug and next commercial is a laywer saying you can sue for using same drug. Really, is this even constitutional, I do not think so. I can not even afford to see the docotor except for my yearly or 6 mth check up, but all illegalls get free care at our cost and treat the staff horribly. We all worked hard to get our education, but are constantly degraded and abused mentally, physically , and emotionally , only to make sure paperwork is right for joint commission . Then at the end we cant afford to go to see a doctor , after pulling 500-700 lb. patients. We do it because we care not because someone said so. The government and. Insurance companies are raking it in, so glad they sleep well, because I sure don’t.

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