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President-elect Donald Trump and the Republican Congress will have the votes to roll back huge swaths of the Affordable Care Act next year, which they have both pledged to do.

It’s impossible to know exactly what form the GOP’s health care platform will take. Trump released a health care plan during the campaign, while Republican leaders have been working on an Obamacare replacement for the last few years, as various legal threats put the law’s future in jeopardy.


Promising to repeal the most sweeping overhaul of the US health care system in a generation is one thing. But how? Here are three questions Republicans will have to answer.

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  • I hope this time, that the President will get a group of people, along with advisors, that work/worked in healthcare and design a program that works and can be sustained. During fact finding, before the ACA was submitted for vote, I spent an hour on the phone with 3 aides (Sen. Baucus and Conrad). I was speaking with people who had no healthcare experience and were going to brief the Senators. I mentioned how we were taking care of patients in our hospital, using evidence based guidelines, measuring outcomes, 30 day readmissions and suggested some new Healthcare Economic Models, to evaluate all treatments. Comment was “We didn’t know that people were doing this”. ACA is not good for working class people who need insurance-it is to expensive and maybe a tiered program based on annual income, could work best. States cannot run Medicaid either, just like the DC cannot run Medicare. Only time will tell what happens.

  • The GOP will replace Obamacare with their own health plans?? Not likely!! Only one GOP governor expanded Medicaid provisions for millions of still uninsured poor people, with 95% of the cost paid for by the Feds…
    Most of the remaining uninsured persons are in GOP ruled states…where they are literally dying for lack of basic care…

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