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Governors are anticipating gaining more authority over the massive Medicaid health program for the poor now that Donald Trump is heading to the White House, while millions of Americans are wondering whether they will lose their coverage.

But Trump made conflicting statements about Medicaid during the campaign, leaving experts scratching their heads about what his victory means for the people it covers. Moreover, despite his and fellow Republicans’ pledge to repeal the Affordable Care Act, there may be political pushback to taking away Medicaid coverage from the millions who got it under the law.


Trump has vowed to move Medicaid to a block grant formula, giving states a certain amount of money based on poverty levels to manage the program how they want, with some federal oversight. Republican governors have been clamoring for such a change because they say it will help control costs, but it could make it more difficult for low-income residents to keep their coverage.

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  • I hope this m,message reaches you. I voted for you, as did my Mother. We followed through
    the campaign and wishes you’d win.
    Now, I am sorry We ever voted for you!
    I am disabled and am in Medica. As many others. You want to take away Medica! You do not want Seniors, low income, disabled people to have coverage! Let me tell you something Mr. Donald Trump, people are going to die! We are going to lose all coverage, lose our benefits, etc. And you want the Rich to benefit. You absolutely Disgusted! You celebrate while people will die! And you think you are religious?? I don’t know what Church you go to, but I’d suggest you find another! THANKS FOR NOTHING!

  • Simply,Expanded Medicad to able bodied persons up 138% of poverty incomes, gave that sector incentive not to ever show incomes more than 138%. Abled bodied Persons between the ages of 18-55 need to be motivated to provide for themselves .

  • So now there is the idea of a per capita allotment for Medicaid. This is interesting because I guarantee that red states have Medicaid folks with a lot more health problems than blue states, and thus they would be getting screwed by this arrangement.

    • Although with a per capita allotment you would get steady rises over the years and it could cover more people. V.S giving California 10 billion or so and saying ” thats all you get, make it work” in the end even if i have less or limited medicaid coverage. Its still preferable to having no coverage at all. Those were dark days, couldnt afford medications, undiagnosed heart issues.. Pre obamacare sucked

  • How can the disabled who are on Medicaid or Medicare, having already met tough rules after waiting 18-24 + months to qualify, supposed to find jobs that they can do??
    Heck, even only 7/10 able bodied adults can find even part-time work (at least 5 hrs/wk)!! Let alone full-time work that lifts them out of the social safety nets!!

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