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Women fearful that the Trump administration will limit reproductive rights are showing the first signs of channeling their frustration into action.

Planned Parenthood confirmed to STAT that it saw an increase in donations, emails, and phone calls on Wednesday. And the advocacy group NARAL Pro-Choice America received so many unsolicited donations — many designated in honor of Hillary Clinton or sardonically honoring Donald Trump — that a spokesperson called it “just unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”


At Planned Parenthood clinics in the American heartland, supporters dropped off baked goods and flowers. And on social media, women urged each other to donate to reproductive health organizations — and to schedule an appointment to get long-acting contraception while it’s still covered under the Affordable Care Act.

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  • FreeAmericanWoman:
    Your comments about my religious beliefs and “judgmental rear end” are unnecessary and unhelpful. We should be able to have a civil discussion about the issue at hand without resorting to sarcasm and insults.
    Regarding Planned Parenthood’s profitability, please check out
    You provided statistics about child abuse and neglect from reputable sources but failed to support your statement that unwanted children are victims of abuse and neglect. Aborting unwanted babies before they’re born in order to save them from possible abuse or neglect just doesn’t seem logical.
    Interestingly, there are studies that support a different hypothesis, that abortion increases risk for child abuse and neglect. Here’s a link: Be sure to check out the extensive list of references at the bottom.

  • Let’s tone it down, people. We live in a democracy, not a dictatorship. Give Trump a chance.

    Planned Parenthood will be just fine if they’re defunded. Their money-maker is abortion (not health screenings), and it’s a lucrative business.

    Women have plenty of healthcare options. We don’t need Planned Parenthood. (Do you know Planned parenthood doesn’t provide mammograms?)

    • I’m so happy that you know of all these options that women have for care. Please share where a person with Medicaid or no insurance can get a full well-woman exam at a small or sliding-scale cost. Tell me how a man or woman can have chlamydia, gonorrhea, or syphillis tested and/or treated promptly before they spread it. They are all on the rise, but I’m sure you know that.
      You’re right. Planned Parenthood doesn’t do xrays. THEY DON’T HAVE THE FUNDING! They provide the exams, education, and prescriptions and guidance on where to get mammograms at low or no cost.
      Many centers do not even perform terminations. You are incredibly misinformed.

    • If they’re on Medicaid, they can most certainly go to a dr. I know because I was on Medicaid and it paid for everything! Planned Parenthood is money-making death machine. Good riddance. And why are STDs on the rise if PP is so effective.

    • We do live in a democracy. That means that women may have the right to choose what happens to their own bodies whenever possible. It also means that your religious beliefs are only your own opinions and your opinions do not reflect world views or will not infringe on my rights as a free American.
      People who are protesting abortion (by obstructing my rights to an abortion, standing on the streets wasting everyone’s time) should be spending time and money helping the welfare system take care of the millions of unwanted children born into poverty to women who didn’t want them and don’t have the money or help or desire to support them. 50% of children are now born to single women. UNWANTED children are victims of CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT: stats follow:
      “From 1993 through 2002 there were 107 recorded deaths; there are approximately 400,000 children in out-of-home care, in the United States. Almost 10% of children in foster care have stayed in foster care for five or more years. In 2012, there were approximately 679,000 instances of confirmed child maltreatment.
      Child maltreatment is a serious and prevalent public health problem in the United States. In fiscal year 2008, U.S. state and local child protective services (CPS) received more than 3 million reports of children being abused or neglected—or about 6 complaints per minute, every day. An estimated 772,000 children were classified by CPS authorities as being maltreated and 1,740 children aged 0 to 17 died from abuse and neglect in 2008.
      Published in Child Abuse and Neglect, The International Journal, the study looked at confirmed child maltreatment cases—1,740 fatal and 579,000 non-fatal—for a 12-month period. Findings show each death due to child maltreatment had a lifetime cost of about $1.3 million, almost all of it in money that the child would have earned over a lifetime if he or she had lived.
      Nationally, approximately 102,000 children were waiting for adoption, and 50,000 children exited foster care to adoption in 2012.States generally are more successful in minimizing the number of placement settings for children in care for less than 12 months, but children in care for longer periods of time tend to have far more placement setting changes.”
      So get off your judgmental rear end and go out and adopt an unwanted child or at least use your time to help at least one. Most importantly, if a woman doesn’t want another child, allow her the right to choose.

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