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WASHINGTON — To stop the heroin and painkiller crisis killing thousands of Americans, President-elect Donald Trump has promised to build a wall on the Mexican border and provide more treatment to those who need it.

After Trump’s shocking electoral upset, people who work in addiction recovery say they want to believe the new president will take the crisis seriously and hope Republicans in Congress who understand the problem will help guide the new administration.

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    • Vito…your lack of compassion for your fellow human beings astounds me. As the saying goes…By the Grace of God goes Thee…Vito It is my fervent hope no one in your family or any friends EVER suffer the terror and heartache of drug abuse or accidental overdose. Although they will NOT have YOUR love or support they will have millions of compassionate educated people ready to assist them in their recovery. I pity you.

  • Half the country thinks it is the responsibility of the Federal government to make all healthcare decisions for the individual (except for reproductive health).
    Half the country thinks each individual is responsible for personal health and it is not the role of the government to interfere (except to protect the health of the baby in the womb).
    Half the country has a religious belief in the paradigm of Cain: I am my brother’s keeper.
    Half the country rejects the paradigm created by Cain and believes in the paradigm of Joshua: Choose ye this day whom ye will serve. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
    Half the country is not even aware that that other half exists and has a legitimate place in the national discourse.
    We are a house divided.

  • First of all most of the overdoses are due to dealers mixing drugs to make it more lethal. These drug dealers need to face harder charges. ok so he is going to put up a wall, what about the americans that are bringing it home from over seas?? its a much bigger picture!

  • To STAT and its readers…Please help me understand why people outside “Trump’s America” should be concerned about people who just voted to dismantle health insurance for 20 million people. Rural residents have spoken, and they seem to think opioid addiction and no health insurance is just fine. Who am I to argue with that?

    • Exactly! The Americans have made their choice. I congratulate them.

      On the “drug dealers”…
      Well, like any other business, it’s about supply and demand. Americans demand the drugs and the dealers, like any other business person, fill that demand. America needs to figure out why her people are turning to these drugs.

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