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Ben Carson’s nomination as secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development raised some eyebrows, and not just because Carson had recently said he wasn’t interested in running a federal agency.

The responsibilities of the job — running a federal agency whose budget in 2016 neared $50 billion and that is responsible for helping local housing authorities manage over a million households — struck some as an odd fit for his training as a neurosurgeon.


“At first, one is struck by the oddity of this appointment of someone who’s had no history with public housing to the extent that we know of,” said John Spengler, a professor of environmental health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, who has done research on health in public housing.

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  • This is very harmful. Don’t mislead people with false hopes. South Dakota voted for Trump, and your job is to educate them about why that is BAD for public health, not make our people think they made the right choice.
    Ben Carson is a man who ran for president, after which he admitted he doesn’t even have enough experience to run an agency.

    He also said homosexuality stems from incarceration.
    He also said (bragged) “I was once trying to kill somebody with a knife”.
    He also said pyramids in Egypt were built as granaries, not as tombs for pharaohs.

    There’s a lot of people who have Dr. in front of their name…why don’t we just have Dr. Oz run HUD.

  • Is everyone in the world stupid?! Is that how Trump made all his money? Doesn’t anyone see what Trump the Rump has done here? Think!!!!

    Trump cares nothing about HUD or what it stands for. By appointing Carson he win no matter what he does to or regarding HUD. When he defunds it, Carson takes the hit.

    The message is “Blacks are incapable of performing at this high a level.”

    This is intended to stifle the thinking people of goodwill who realize that you can’t sustain a strong country with 10% of the populace living in mansions and the rest paying 75% of their earnings on dwelling expenses (rent, water, electricity, gas, etc.).

    Carson reveals his utter Idiocy and psychotic vanity by even considering such a flytrap.

  • Wait a minute…80% of this article is great. It highlights how where one lives impacts one’s health with valuable quotes by experts in their field. However, what in God’s name is the last part of the article? You should have used Ben Carson’s ACTUAL QUOTES about how he doesn’t believe he is qualified to run a government agency, or maybe how he thinks the pyramids in Egypt were built to store grain.

    As the previous commenter said. ANY OTHER doctor with public health/medical background would be great for this position. Carson is not. The Trump administration and Carson’s agency will slash funding for healthy neighborhood initiatives. Patients will get sicker and live in worse circumstances as a result of their belief in laissez-faire government.

    Please edit this article to cut the first half to get to the heart of the matter. Tell us what Ben Carson has stood for and we’ll tell you who he is. He ran for President and doesn’t believe he is qualified to run a government agency. He said this LAST WEEK! Trump could have at least put him in Health and Human Services or Surgeon General.

  • This is a wonderfully hopeful piece about how a different set of skills could “cross-pollinate” a public agency for the greater good. Of course a physician could bring a valuable and productive new perspective to HUD. But it’s highly unlikely that this particular physician (if we go by his past statements and behavior) will have a positive impact on this vitally important department.

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