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To encourage a Florida doctor to write more prescriptions of the potent painkiller Subsys, executives of the drug’s maker invited him to company headquarters near Phoenix and took him out for a night on the town, according to a federal indictment released Thursday.

Two top sales officials of Insys Therapeutics entertained the physician at a “club,” where they stayed until 4 a.m. “Went fantastic last night,” one of the company’s regional sales managers wrote in a text message to a sales rep, the indictment says. “He had to have had one of the best nights of his life.”

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  • I have been HIV positive for a decade 11-17-05 date of diagnosis. I did not have to start a pain medication regimen until 07/2012. My pain is located at my lower legs and feet. The only way I can explain the condition is my bones in my legs feel like they are blistering on the inside. Also uncontrollable flexing of my calves. Can wake me from a dead sleep. Extremely uncomfortable and slowly progressing up both legs. Now the arch in my right foot seems to be developing regular Charlie horses.
    I started the 800mcg dosage a year and a half ago. I will attest to anyone who wants to hear this medicine has changed my life for the better. I’m completely aware of the risk attached to all pain medications, insys the company that provides the medicine to me at no cost.
    So I have not paid one dollar for the medicine they provide for me. I could never do the things that I enjoy or need to do (walking is incredibly difficult until the first dose is administered in the morning). My quality of life has improved dramatically)
    In closing I would like to thank Insys for patients assistance program that I have been able to qualify for. Feel free to ask me anything about my experience with this company. The medicine is incredible to my quality of life

    Zachary Farmer

  • This is revolting, but isn’t it common pharma practice? I am one of the people who has had the money-or-your-life gun to my head for hep C cure when it was urgent. I have been looking into the whole filthy industry. I was lucky and rescued by the fixhepc buyers club- generics, look it up, or ask me, but this is what I found and it outrages me- not double, not ten times, but 19.1 expenditure on ‘marketing’ than R&D:

  • As a physician, I can personally attest to the fact that this influence peddling is pervasive. Drug sales reps are selected for and trained in influence. The big-ego clinicians to whom they peddle think themselves above such tactics but are really cattle to the slaughter.

    To preserve your integrity in the eyes of your patients, clinicians should NEVER meet with drug reps under any circumstances. Any organization that allows their employed clinicians to do so should be held suspect.

  • All kidding aside (previous comment) too bad Trump is the president-elect. I do not expect him to champion an investigation into pricing. It’s too bad one’s health continues to be dependent upon how much money they can afford for medications. Disgusting!

    • Oh contrarie, that comment was most certainly not meant in any manner to be in jest!

      You have a Congress so hog-tied to their own opioid-like dependancy re lobbyists and campaign funds that Big Pharma has free reign to price their congressionally mandated monopoly products at whatever the market will bear.

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