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WASHINGTON — Some of President Obama’s top science staffers called it “the Columbo question.”

The president had a habit, just like television’s favorite detective, of making one last inquiry of his aides when being briefed on science issues. A question that “goes right to the heart of the matter,” said his chief science adviser, Dr. John Holdren, in an interview with STAT.

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  • John Holdren is a violent, dangerous fruit who authored a half a dozen books about genociding mankind before he made it into that carnival circus of freaks that Barack Obama called a cabinet. Holdren never did anything to warrant his office and should have never been confirmed. The Senate was not doing their jobs when they approved this idiot with a record of unstable and violent threats against all of mankind, he was as unqualified as Obama himself to work in this role.

  • Science savvy? In my book if you’ve put in a grueling five years in grad school getting a PhD and then another 2-3 years doing a post doctoral fellowship, or the MD equivalent of the above I might regard you as “science savvy”. But this also means that you have not had much time to think about anything else until you are about 35 years old, which is the minimum age to become president. I would not want such a person in the white house. A number of people with advanced scientific degrees in congress, and smartly, none of them have shown any interest in running for president.

  • Oh yes by all means President Obama, lets us save the whales, save the snails, save the trees, save, the seas, save the worms, save the germs and carbon tax all those greedy capitalists into bankruptcy for the greater glory of Gaia and one world government under the UN.

    • It’s interesting to ponder both presidents George W. and Obama, both voracious readers. It’s the actionable application of reading to current affairs that is the challenge for any of us.

      President Obama does come off like a reading comprehension savant through this article, comparable to JFKs speed reading prowess.

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