What’s cytokinesis? A Punnett square? High school biology is less macro, more micro, and, sometimes, even atomic. It’s learning about cell division and DNA and how we turn food into the energy we need to survive.

The National Center for Education Statistics says science scores for 12th-graders didn’t change much from 2009 to 2015, and as a country, we’re still well below proficient. Do you remember your high school biology class? Lab experiments? Dissecting frogs? If you took our eighth grade test, put your memory to this one, based on questions from standardized exams in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Louisiana, and California. Find out — can you out-science a high schooler?

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  • Great Quiz!! I’m glad that it was all about micro and molecular biology even though the headline simply stated that it was a science quiz. It might have not been as reassuring and uplifting a result had it dealt with general high school science.

  • it was i bit hard for me,Because am not english.I mean many words i don’t know what they mean.
    But it was a good test.
    And just to be honest
    the qustion
    This diagram represents samples of DNA that were cut with a restriction enzyme during DNA fingerprinting in a crime lab. Which technique was used to produce these bands?
    I answered it current by wrong.
    But it was a good test

  • I may or may not know more scientific concepts than a high schooler, but at least I know that science is not a verb.

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