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WASHINGTON — Senator Rob Portman, one of Capitol Hill’s leading voices on the opioid epidemic, can count a couple big wins to his name:

The Ohio Republican authored the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, the first major legislation that addresses the opioid crisis, and he helped secure $1 billion in funding in the 21st Century Cures Act, which President Obama is expected to sign this week. Those bills will help get naloxone in the hands of more first responders.

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  • Great thoughts from a great Senator. Rob has done his homework and has educated himself and about a very complicated and complex disease and the systems available to deal with it. Most of the programming that is is out there is archaic but Rob is working on moving more towards the best practices to serve the Nation with RECOVERY oriented systems of care with focus on person centered care that is much more effective and much more efficient. We need more experienced experts assisting are government in looking at solutions to this problem if we are going to succeed. He’s on the right Track.

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