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WASHINGTON — On a “bittersweet day” that brought back memories of loved ones lost, President Barack Obama signed into law legislation that makes new investments in cancer research and battling drug abuse.

Obama signed the bill Tuesday at a ceremony on the White House campus flanked by Vice President Joe Biden and key lawmakers. The 55-year-old president recounted that his own mother did not even reach his age, dying of cancer in her early 50s.

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  • I was doing A.L mathematics, A.L chemistry, A.L biology and O.L physics of the University of London while I was working at the Analytical Laboratory and Microbiological Assays Laboratory of the National Fermentation Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd., JHB. My Tutors Industrial Pharmacist and Industrial Microbiologist urged to do research on MEDICAL PLANTS. My first inpatient presented with pulmonary TB, the prognostic results were the best, but I was always in trouble. I defended myself in the Courts for doing research etc. and was privately doing my work. For South Africa this was breaching the Bantu Education laws., President Obama invited me to become a member of US-UN relations in 2007. I wrote a Thesis Title Copyright Law…..Ph.D registered with the Library of Congress. President Ramaphosa drafted the RSA 1996 Constitution my input was enshrined in Chapter 2, Bill of Rights and from 2000 my work destroyed by CORRUPTION until 2017 and in 2018 President Ramaphosa said he’s fight going to CORRUPTION it was opposed by the unpatriotic ANC members etc in 2019. Ultimately he renewed US-RSA Relations. Trump became the biggest opposition to President Obama and the Democrats from 2016. I’m still struggling with poverty and as a Democrat and registered with 116th Congress we fight day and night to defend the “We The People” US Constitution. My war from the 1970s to the 2019 is on if I won it’ll be the beginning of my to EDUCATE next generation in the US-RSA Relations.

  • This is a greatest program on science and technology and we are very fortunate to have President Obama with research for discovery of the “Precision Medicine” and Vice President Joe Biden for “Cancer Moonshot”. The next generation are blessed and if we succeed it’ll be history for the great US globally. Precision Medicine and Cancer Moonshot are greatest and to succeed we need NIH, NCI, CDC, HHS, FDA and bringing it together is a blessing for Global Health.

  • Some states are so slow to open treatment facilities, It is not unusual, for a person to drive 100 miles to find a clinic. STOP the heroin, before it gets in the
    country? If there are no drugs available, no one can abuse them?

    • We treat, care for, and support people and families dealing with mental illness . Big insurance companies are getting rich on the help of mental illness . The help never get the people or families help to deal with. State of Mass are closing places to save money, we’re going backwards instead of forward in treatment. Private vendors and insurance company are getting rich on the backs of people with mental illness. If people with mental illness get the treatment they need they will not self medicate. Mental illness and drug addiction go hand and hand do not help one and not help the other. Stop giving money to the wrong people it never get to the people in need.

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