he same four molecules that revolutionized research on stem cells can also reverse aging in mice, scientists reported Thursday, a finding that could herald new approaches to trying to extend human life.

Mice genetically modified to have a devastating human disease of premature aging lived longer after getting the molecular mixture, and mice that grew old normally became more youthful.

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  • Well, thanks to the 21st century American Cures Act, they wont need human trials, nor will they have to disclose the experimental status of any therapies.

    Who wants to try it first? Then once its all figured out to be “safe”, do you think it will be available to all the old geezers out here?

    Not likely. But those who can get multiple heart transplants, will likely now get to live forever.

    Oh joy.

  • I was rear ended. And now have limited use of legs and arms and core. Could this help regenerate spinal cord nerves??

  • Conversion of normal cells into stem cells by feeding ” four molecules” . This has shown reversal of aging and extending life in mice. In next ten years simple molecules will be invented and tested in humans to reverse the aging process. Encourage Ishir to get some more information by searching Elysian Health & MIT and take the literature to his prominent summer biology professor.
    Ishir will be ready for this stem cell bioengeeniering horizon appearing in next five to ten years. I believe the Japanese researchers who came up with “four molecules ” capable of normal cells into stem cells/embryonic cells will eventually awarded the Nobel prize.
    Narendra Desai

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