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SAN FRANCISCO — President-elect Donald Trump has vowed to deport millions of immigrants who are in the United States illegally. But before they can be sent packing across the border, most will spend time in detention centers.

And those centers are already straining to cope with a crush of detainees suffering from health problems — especially mental illness.

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  • From a Buddhist perspective, the mental health system is failing because it ignores the basics – that hate, greed and ignorance are the reasons individuals and societies fall apart. The Boston Globe, like other news organizations, is failing in the mission of news agencies to point out the real failings of government policies and provide reasoned alternatives. See
    for more info. Thank you

  • The whole system is in high gear giving ( taxpayer paid) help to the millions of criminal illegal invaders, while forgetting/ignoring/dismissing the pain and suffering
    of our poor, hungry, homeless, under and unemployed, including our own Veterans.
    The invaders are mexico’s responsibility, not ours!! Deport them all, for they do not belong here and We the People do not want them. Period.

  • These people are criminals. Why are they OUR problem? Oh, that’s right, their home doesn’t want them so they come here looking for free stuff and ruin our cities. You either come here the right way or you need to go. Period!

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