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WASHINGTON — Scientists are looking to Newt Gingrich, and his influence with President-elect Donald Trump, as one reason to be optimistic about medical science under the new administration.

Gingrich has long advocated for increased National Institutes of Health funding, and he has a history with NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins.

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  • I hope I’m wrong but I feel pretty confident that the Trump administration will be very committed to science…as long as it comes to the pre-approved conclusions.

  • He should have stopped when he said ‘Trump will be committed…’. That would have been a hopeful sign.

  • Science will be set back decades. Scientists are now scrambling to copy and save climate change data on government web sites before it is destroyed. How about the guy that was appointed as Secretary of the Interior stating that he wants to drill for oil in the National Parks?

  • “I think he’s omnivorous in his interest in knowledge, and so science is part of that…he’s interested in learning everything and he’s interested in using everything.”

    Funniest thing I’ve read in months! How can these people say these things with a straight face? It’s truly an alternate reality they live in.

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