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BETHESDA, Md. — At what was supposed to be the end of his tenure atop the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins is still a very busy man.

In his seven and a half years leading the agency, Collins has been involved in the response to Ebola and Zika. He has helped secure the first funding increases for the NIH in decades. Congress just this month funneled billions of dollars into several major projects — the Precision Medicine Initiative, the cancer moonshot — that Collins helped craft.

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  • It is time for him to go back to the lab. His replacement should be someone that fixes the research grant process. What we need is research that matters to people, not what gives researchers a nice lifestyle indefinitely. As one congressman said some years back, the NIH grant process is a closed system. After that some superficial changes were made, but the grants still go to the same people who toe the line. We are a lot less likely to make any kind of breakthrough treatments or understanding when the same people are funded year after year after year. And I speak not as a disgruntled research grant applicant but as a member of the public with health concerns.

    • I want to know about the grant money how do I know if I am getting dooked out of my money or not I seen alot of the grant programs and it turned out to be a scam I don’t make that much and um not trying to get scammed out of the little bit money I do have

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