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Senator Amy Klobuchar didn’t ever expect Donald Trump to be our next president. But the Minnesota Democrat is hopeful she can make the most of the new politics in Washington by leading a serious effort to bring down prescription drug costs.

In a Q&A with STAT, Klobuchar expressed optimism that Congress will act in the coming year. She pointed to the upcoming reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act as one of multiple opportunities for lawmakers to exert some leverage over pharma companies and find a way to lower prices.

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  • Patients implore you to equally focus on improving medical device safety. FDA-approved medical and dental devices can trigger inflammation and fuel chronic diseases when the materials are not “right for you.” With diagnosis and removal, patients can recover their health in whole or part, and reduce the need for costly drugs. Stop harming people with outdated device policy, regulations and classification that ignore individual’s differences. Patients prefer health over drugs and devices, and we all save money with health. Kindly see my piece,

  • Why, in this nation, must we pay more for needed medications than in any other developed nation? Why? Because of the greed of Big Phama, and this includes their over compensated CEOs, their extravagant buildings, and their overly compensated “pharmacy reps,” who are not pharmacists, but merely highly paid sales persons who read the brochures that they are handed, and encouraged to bribe doctors, with elaborate lunches and breakfasts for those doctors and their office personnel. They push doctors to order the medications that they are selling. This obscene and add to that are the ridiculous TV ads that invade our homes to encourage us to “tell our doctors what medications we need.” Doctors know what medications are appropriate for whatever condition we may have, they do not need either pharmacy reps nor do they need laypersons to tell them what is good for them, because they saw an ad on TV!

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