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WASHINGTON — A small group of hospital executives and physicians met with president-elect Donald Trump at his Florida estate Wednesday, where they discussed ways to improve health care for veterans, as well as the Affordable Care Act and related issues.

Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, said the main focus was how to reform the VA health care system and “provide better quality and timely care to veterans.” Also discussed, he said, was Obamacare, costs, access, and quality of care.

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  • I think many Trump voters know that their ACA insurance (whether it’s purchased or through employers) is bankrupting them and their families, and they’d rather not have insurance than have it ruin them and their families financially. These high level execs don’t know what’s happening to patients in the trenches. Many would rather die than ruin their families. Someone should talk to farmers who likely have to purchase their own stuff. Even before this they could lose their farm if they had a catastrophic event. Now they will lose it because of insurance – no gambling involved.

  • So many people in rose-colored glasses…

    There is so much evidence now in hand that nothing Trump says, either publicly or in private, in groups or one-on-one, can be taken as honest. Why do people insist on believing that this is the one time, maybe, that he’s being straight with them?

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