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SAN FRANCISCO — Vice President Joe Biden on Monday told a packed ballroom of biopharma investors and executives that after leaving the White House he plans to push their industry to make drugs affordable for patients.

“We’re going to convene a national conversation with pharmaceutical companies— many of you who are here … biotech companies and others — to ensure patients can afford treatments,” Biden said. “Too many Americans are forced to sell their homes, to go into bankruptcy, so their loved ones can get care and hope for a cure. This needs to change while still not undermining the profit motive making sure there’s a genuine reward for effort.”

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  • Need this corporate war brought under control right now because it is a war, there are far more casualties from this ‘maximise return to shareholders’ mentality- it is actually warlords holding governments and individuals to ransom. There is little or no relationship between drug development and price. Hep C affects 2% of the world, is curable, yet 2 million have died in 2 years because of the deliberately murderous price. I am one of those nominated to die as ‘leverage’ to force health systems and insurance companies to buy for nearly 100k what costs about 500 to make. I escaped by finding the buyers club option- generic hep C medication- which is rescuing 1000’s of people safely, and legally. Identical meds, clinical trials- I don’t work for anyone, but trying to spread the word, as this is how I survived. Please share, look up those things, or me, or fixhepc.

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