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WASHINGTON — Donald Trump has promised to change Washington, and he surely will. Yet while he may play some wild cards in the realms of medicine, science, and public health, you can also look for some surprising continuity with President Obama’s administration.

Here’s our preview of what to expect.



The H1N1 flu pandemic broke out within Obama’s first few months in office, and nearly 61 million Americans eventually contracted it. He later had to contend with the worst outbreak of Ebola in history, which left thousands dead in Africa and led to some hysteria stateside, and the unexpected rise of Zika.

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  • The statement that Trump’s pick to lead OMB does not support government-funded research was startling, and prompted me to look into the source. But I took away a very different conclusion after reading Mick Milvaney’s FB post on the subject, which is that he does not support government-funded research into Zika. This is still concerning, but the implications are vastly different than no support of government-funded research at all. The latter conclusion would only be drawn by reading that one sentence but not the rest of the post.

  • Notified today that my prescription drug was no longer getting any discount from the manufactor, my $50 copay disappeared. I was cringing at the prospect of a $500 charge for a 30 day script (price I had paid a year ago)… Then horror of horrors, the same prescription for a 30 day supply has increased an average of $1,200.00. To approximately $1,697.99, I am stunned! Most people can’t begin to pay this price for one script, let alone have other prescriptions. I also believe that under Trump prices will only increase. I am left speechless.

  • We need better pain management treatment! I don’t want opoiods…I want better pain management. I have had Fibromyalgia with peripheral neuropathy for almost 10 years. My pain management physician started me on opoiods and then took me off of them. I don’t want to take opoids…it first helped with my pain but by April 2016, it provided about 30% pain reduction. For other people, opoids provide better pain relief. If you don’t anyone to take opoiods, then WE NEED BETTER PAIN MANAGEMENT BECAUSE NOTHING ELSE IS EFFECTIVE FOR EVERYONE. CDC should have had a replacement available when releasing guidelines in 2016. The way CDC handled the pain epidemic was…they didn’t handle it. Suicides have occurred without being linked to CDC GUIDELINES 2016. please contact me with comments via email [email protected].

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