AN FRANCISCO — On a night when pricey booze flowed at drug industry-sponsored parties all over this city, the bar was high for the most lavish bash of the evening. But the party thrown Monday night by Johnson & Johnson’s innovation unit cleared it. Easily.

Held under dramatic colored lighting in the stately and cathedral-esque Asian Art Museum, the Johnson & Johnson JLABS bash drew hundreds of executives and investors in town for the industry’s annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference.

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  • This story dovetails nicely with the one how a $100 M ad campaign about how hard it is to develop drugs (which is also true), and how that will surely reverse the slide in public opinion that has been gathering momentum for two decades. Problem is: the description of this party will be what everyone remembers, and it undermines the other message. Not sure what to do about it, but it’s really striking…

  • Par for the course. My company paid $300,000 for a two hour set by The Eagles at a launch party 20 years ago. That would be over half a mil in today’s dollars.

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