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WASHINGTON — Outspoken vaccine critic Robert Kennedy Jr. said Tuesday that he had accepted a position in Donald Trump’s administration as chair of a panel on vaccine safety and scientific integrity, in what would be the clearest sign yet of the president-elect’s suspicions about vaccines.

Kennedy’s remarks followed his meeting with the president-elect at Trump Tower and immediately sparked outrage from scientists, pediatricians, and public health experts, who fear the incoming administration could give legitimacy to skeptics of childhood immunizations despite a huge body of scientific research demonstrating that vaccines are safe. Many of those skeptics believe vaccines are a cause of autism.

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  • Dr. Thompson, whistleblower from CDC, has submitted thousands of pages of documents proving CDC committed scientific fraud when they found that vaccines can and do cause autism. VAXXED: From Coverup to Catastrophe needs to be shown on all major network channels. Let’s see: measles or autism??? mumps or autism???

  • RFK: “Let. The. Science. Speak! Autism has exploded since 1980 and thimerosal in vaccines is causing it!”

    Science: “There was a lot more thimerosal in vaccines in 1980 compared to today.”

    RFK: *fingers in his ears* “LaLaLa I can’t hear you! Vaccines! Autisms! But my book!”

    • For 90%+ of the population, vaccines have been safe, effective, and a life saver. We’ve been hiding those who are negatively affected though. This is a good sign that the US may get back inline with the other industrialized nations by protecting our people against vaccine injury. Have any of you checked other countries vaccine schedule against our own? Have you read the reports on VAERS–specifically the H1N1 vaccine from 2009-2010? Have you listened to the people who have been awarded compensation from the vaccine court? You are attacking parents who have children who have died or are permanently disabled. You are attacking people who chose to be vaccinated, were gravely injured, and have been left with the medical expense. This doesn’t even take into account the social stigma of a disability that supposedly doesn’t exist, but that your doctor tells you is the cause. What’s wrong with you?

    • For 99.999% of the population, vaccines are safe and incredibly effective.

      VAERS is a self-submitted joke of a source of data that the uneducated try to use to attack vaccines, making them look like jokers.

    • Andrea asks “Have any of you checked other countries vaccine schedule against our own?”
      I have. Japan, Australia, France, Italy, Canada, Germany… pretty much all developed countries have nearly identical vaccine schedules as USA.
      So what was your point?

      Andrea asks “Have you read the reports on VAERS?”
      I have. I also checked the box that says I acknowledge that VAERS reports make zero claims to causality.
      I read every single death report over the last decade associated with MMR, and failed to find a single death caused by the vaccine. Many of the reports even list the cause of death (hint: nothing to do with vaccines)

      So by your own sources, vaccines are very, very safe, and are utilized worldwide with confidence.

    • I was talking about the H1N1 vaccine specifically. Did you hear about it on the news for 2009-2010–NO! Search flu vaccine in VAERS and you will find 406 deaths. Admittedly VAERS is a joke. It is VASTLY underreported. As far as the other countries, let’s look at Sweden vs the US. 33 doses for the US and 16 for Sweden before age 7. Get your facts straight before you attack families.

    • Andrea, how many of those 406 deaths were caused by the vaccine?
      Again, if you don’t understand what VAERS is, then trying to use it to vilify vaccinations is both ignorant and dangerous.

    • Why do anti-vaxxers lie so much?

      Andrea says that children in Sweden only get 16 vaccine doses as young children. Anyone can look up Sweden’s vaccination schedule and see that this is a lie (the correct number is 28 doses, and more for certain subgroups).

      And I failed to find a single instance in the VAERS data that suggested the H1N1 vaccines caused any deaths. Most of the deaths were of the elderly and didn’t even happen very close to the vaccination date.

      So please, get your facts straight.

    • I’m not anti-vaccine. I understand VAERS. Are you one of the paid ones who goes on for ever arguing no matter what facts are presented? I’m one of the injured from a different vaccine. I have had chronic reactive arthritis for the last 15 years due to Lymerix–or so says the FDA, CDC, five rheumatologists, etc. I agree that not all reports in VAERS are accurate, but I also think that we have a system that isn’t accurately tracking the injuries or making those injuries public. I think it’s dangerous to the vaccine system to hide injuries from the public. You can’t have as strong of a positive effect as we’ve had with vaccines without a down side. Hiding the down side will come back to cause us all problems in my opinion.

    • Andrea, you say you’re not anti-vaccine, but you keep repeating anti-vax talking points… that are all false.

      Now you’re accusing me of being a paid commenter, which is a nonsensical accusation often made by antivaxxers against people who prove their conspiracies wrong.

      Let’s review.
      -First you claimed that vaccines are only safe for 90% of the people and that other countries don’t vaccinate as much as we do. This was a lie.
      -Then you dug into the lie and cherry-picked Sweden. (newsflash: DTaP and MMR are three each)
      -You tried to lie with VAERS and falsly use it to vilify vaccination.
      -You failed to read the reports yourself, that often give the cause of death. You even mentioned that VAERS is vastly underreported, but failed to mention that this is only true for MILD reactions to vaccines, because most people aren’t bothered to report a sore arm or mild fever. Serious reactions, on the other hand, are vastly over-reported to VAERS. It is estimated that only 3% of serious events are related to vaccines.
      -You claimed after all this to know and understand VAERS, which in light of all the other lies you’ve told about it, is another lie.
      -You claim that people like me, who expose your anti-vaccine lies, are “attacking parents”
      -You claimed a conspiracy that vaccine injuries are being hidden, without evidence.

      After all of this, have you bothered to correct any false statement you made that vilifies vaccination?
      Then it’s pretty obvious you’re anti-vaccine.

    • “I understand VAERS.”

      No, you don’t. You didn’t even read the warning at the top of the VAERS page stating that the claims therein are self-submitted and are not vetted for causation nor do they have to be based on any sort of diagnosis by professionals.

  • Hurray! Finally, someone who isn’t a mouthpiece for big Pharma. Let’s sit down, pull out the data, subpoena the CDC Whistleblowers, and end this moratorium on speaking the truth of the widespread injury and suffering by so many due to vaccines. Then, maybe we can offer truly safe and effective alternatives.

  • 1/609 children get uniformly fatal Subacute sclerosing pan-encephalitis if they get measles ( No one gets autism from measles vaccine because it’s an urban legend, maintained by charlatans. Autism is real, it’s serious, and it has repeatedly been demonstrated that measles vaccine is not the cause, so we should fund good research to find out what the cause of autism is instead of indirectly killing children by failing to vaccinate.

    • You might want to look up what Dr. William Thompson has said about the real charlatans at the CDC or watch the documentary Vaxxed. Too bad that all healthcare professionals can do is parrot what charlatans say and not spend a moment to actually read anything worthwhile.

    • Dr. Thompson’s claims have been reevaluated and he lied about the statistical significance of African American boys, autism and vaccinations.

      He was wrong, and the data is right there in DeStefano’s research to prove it.

    • @RaviK

      Vaxxed is a propaganda film, not a source of evidence.

      If you took the time to actually conduct research yourself (I mean actual, clinical, research), or to read unbiased DBRCTs Peer-Reviewed research, you’d realize your criticism on health care professionals is unfounded.

    • @JB Handley:

      Vaxxers isn’t about science or intellectual debate; it’s propaganda.

      Politicians should not be assessing the safety. Scientists, clinicians, and public health researchers have already made those assessments, extensively. By forming this panel, they are perpetuating the stigma, and the falsehood, that the issue concerning vaccine safety isn’t resolved. It’s entirely resolved. Doesn’t mean that researchers shouldn’t continue to monitor public health related to vaccines, but this ‘review’ panel is biased and ignorant towards evidence. It’s wasting valuable resources and endangering our children.

  • Great news for those who don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all vaccine schedule or mandatory vaccination of all. With children now receiving upwards of 72 vaccines by age 18, and the dramatic increase in auto-immune diseases, autism, SIDS, etc, perhaps a study will finally be done comparing the health of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated. It would also be a plus if RFK Jr could bring to light and put a stop to, all the corruption at the CDC and their collusion with pharmaceutical companies.

    • The dramatic increase in these health outcomes is a result of many things, vaccinations are not one of them.

      Some of the key factors contributing to this “rise” include, but are not limited to, increased public health literacy, improved clinician understanding of disease/illnesses, improved access to care, and significantly less stigmas.

    • “perhaps a study will finally be done comparing the health of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated”

      It’s already been done. It only showed that the unvaccinated are more likely to get preventative diseases, all other outcomes were equal.

      A double-blind study of unvaccinated and vaccinated would be highly unethical and possibly illegal. But the uneducated anti-vax trolls don’t understand research methods, ethics or anything else about science.

  • “His opinion doesn’t matter but the science does matter and we ought to be reading the science and we ought to be debating the science. “.. then maybe a scientist should chair the committee?

  • Vaccines are GENERALLY safe. They are not always safe. Some children do have reactions. I personally know of a girl who appeared to be developing normally as an infant until she was vaccinated. By that evening she was having seizures.

    Now, 36 years later, she can not walk, or speak. She is essentially an adult infant. A vaccine seems to have been the cause of her ailments.

    Even given this poor girls reaction, vaccines still seem a good deal for society. Far more benefit is yielded than suffering caused.

    That said, we should not sit on our hands. We should not be satisfied until vaccines are safe for everyone.

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