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Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a prominent doubter of the safety of vaccines, told reporters on Tuesday that he will chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity as part of Donald Trump’s administration.

The president-elect’s spokeswoman issued a statement hours later saying “no decisions have been made” about “forming a committee on Autism.” But the news is already raising concern about what Trump, who has a long history of questioning vaccine safety, could do to undercut childhood vaccines.

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  • What he can do is help to get the truth out in the open in an honest discussion about vaccine safety – why are you so afraid of an open honest discussion?

  • Can’t the Sec of HHS, who Trump is appointing, put whoever he wants on ACIP committee?

  • Pres elect seems to never have met a conspiracy he doesn’t give at least some credence to.
    As Neil deGrasse Tyson has said “Nothing is more dangerous than a scientifically-illiterate adult in power.”

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