AN FRANCISCO — Senator Bernie Sanders is “a communist,” if you ask Donald Trump. And the president-elect has “dangerous and un-American” ideas for the future of the country, according to Sanders.

But both agree on at least one thing: The pharmaceutical industry is “getting away with murder.”

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  • Trump is making those statements just because he knows that in his new position he (or friends/family) can profit by sending stocks down periodically. Buy them just after the announcement and sell them weeks later when scare has passed

  • Many people and patients also want to expand the debate, scrutiny and action to expand medical device safety. Why not prescreen people to determine if device materials are “right for you” before being installed? https://www.statnews.com/2016/12/21/medical-devices-safety-congress/. It’s a pretty simple concept.

    Payers and the press should pay more attention. Not only will the outcomes be better health and lower health and long-term care costs, but this will reduce the need for drugs and lifetime medication management to treat the conditions and illnesses that result from immune reactivity to medical and dental materials not “right for you.” This is not uncommon, but often overlooked.

  • Around half the purported cost of developing a drug in the U.S. is spent on advertising, rather than fundamental research. Imagine the cost-savings if the money wasted on ads that no one bothers to read were dramatically cut.

    • indeed, in Europe, drugs advertising is forbidden. And agree, that the idea of high prices = more research is just poppycock. The vast majority of money is spent in lobbying, bribing and advertising

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