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SINGAPORE — President-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday slammed the pharmaceutical industry for producing drugs overseas.

“We have to get our drug industry coming back,” he said at his first press conference since the election. “They supply our drugs, but they don’t make them here, to a large extent.”

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  • As has been suggested of other industries – tax the corporations on the profits they make from selling a product in the US, not on where it is produced. This would be similar to the VAT taxation in Europe.

  • I was informed at a medical seminar, that 80% of drugs are manufactured in India and China and neither country will allow US FDA to quality control the product, and they do not do it themselves.
    Thus there is a high suspicion that many drugs used in USA are not, not formulated and produced as stated on the label. There is a well know pharmacology doctor in Az, either UofAz or ASU who is the source. His is Dr Bootman or something similar. Thank you.

    • The move to have drugs made in China and India began with the cheaper cost of raw materials and starter chemicals for their manufacture in the same countries. For the sake of national security, not to mention the creation of jobs, it would be prudent to have them all made here.

  • This is clearly a matter of national health security. China and India are notorious for violating manufacturing standards, even to the point of fudging their books. They’ve had years to clean up their act, but continue to violate the laws at every chance. A client of mine who worked for a major pharmaceutical company in the U.S. has worked as a drug manufacturing consultant in China for some years. He told me that unless each individual in a Chinese facility is constantly watched, they will find a way to skirt the law to save a buck. Ethics is not part of the Chinese psyche. Until very recently, they didn’t even have an equivalent term in their language. As much as I detest Trump, he’s right in demanding that all drug manufacture for the domestic market is done on U.S. soil where the FDA has a chance of effectively monitoring the process.

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