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WASHINGTON — Donald Trump on Wednesday declared war on drug makers, and one of Capitol Hill’s cardinal truths — the drug industry is untouchable — may be starting to unravel.

For years, drug companies have enjoyed broad support, particularly among Republicans, that helped guard against any unwanted reforms. But after the president-elect’s news conference condemnation of the industry — it’s “disastrous” and companies are “getting away with murder” — drug companies can’t necessarily depend on congressional Republicans to save them in the fight over drug pricing.

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  • After having had a serious drug (illegal) for a number of years and becoming a Born Again Christian; am aware of the importance of keeping drug companies accountable.
    How dare they destroy / not improve life; or the quality of it.
    I am more fully aware of experiencing Life – and Life in all it’s all fullness.
    This is the quality of life we all deserve.
    Zora Elliss

    • I agree, 100%, Henry. There needs to be an overhauling of drug prices, all of them. The pain, dermatological, ophthalmics, infusions for rheumatoid pts.,topical, even prescription toothpaste (22.00/tube) are off the charts expensive. Pricing for all scripts in US needs to follow European prescription model. In Germany, for example, if a pill costs a pharma 10 cents to make, then Euro will pay a max. of 12 cents a tab. and that’s all pharma will receive. It’s a fair system. Private insurers, Medicare and Medicaid plans should have to follow suit. And, US needs to have serious torte reform so Pharmas are not sued out the wazoo. If the FDA approves the drug, then it is up to the FDA to scrutinize the clinical trials and know the drug is safe, has been well studied with clinical trial supportive data.

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