AN FRANCISCO — The University of California, San Francisco, announced Thursday that it would receive a $500 million gift — among the largest donations ever to any university — reinforcing the health-science university’s ascendency in research and education and promising to stoke the Bay Area’s already white-hot life sciences industry.

The money from the Helen Diller Foundation comes on top of $700 million in other large donations since 2014. Much of the money will be used to recruit talented scientists and fund cutting-edge but risky ideas — the sorts of investments that can sprout biotech startups.

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  • More or less than half of NIH award for PIs go to UCSF as overhead, in addition to incoming/savings from their hospital and partnerships with the city (including sister health institutions). In addition, UCSF is “non-profit” right? So in total, they never really needed more money then they ever had. What is the point in given a successful institution (more) money for research? Definitely not going to improve the lives of researchers?

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